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  • http://www.healthcarestatistics.org/site/node/1 Welcome to... HealthCareStatistics.org | HealthCareStatistics.org - Welcome to the NEW HealthCareStatistics.org! Our primary focus is to provide data as it relates to the health care industry and how it affects us both from a health standpoint and monetarily.
  • http://www.healthcarestatistics.org/site/node/2 Statistics | HealthCareStatistics.org - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention • CDC - National Center for Health Statistics  • CDC - Data & Statistics   Google Trends • Google Flu Trends
  • http://www.healthcarestatistics.org/site/node/643 Robotic Surgery Videos - Raw & Uncensored | HealthCareStatistics.org - Uncensored video footage of robotic surgery for ovarian cancer, a photo of robotic surgery, robotic surgery for mitral valve prolapse, prices of robotic surgery
  • http://www.healthcarestatistics.org/site/node/23 Podcasts | HealthCareStatistics.org - • CDC Featured Podcasts A listing of featured podcasts from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • http://www.healthcarestatistics.org/site/node/30 CDC Featured Podcasts | HealthCareStatistics.org - This feed contains CDC featured podcasts.   Click on the 'Feed items' link below. Then select 'Original Article' to listen to podcast (upper right of that page). Some of the content you'll see will pull at your heart strings.   For
  • http://www.healthcarestatistics.org/site/node/772 HIV/AIDS Videos - Raw & Uncensored | HealthCareStatistics.org - HIV/AIDS videos (raw & uncensored) may include pictures of hiv aids symptoms, pictures of hiv aids rash, hiv aids commercials, hiv aids treatments protests,
  • http://www.healthcarestatistics.org/site/node/1343 HIV Symptoms Videos | HealthCareStatistics.org - If you're interested in information about HIV symptoms, take a look at these videos.
  • http://www.healthcarestatistics.org/site/node/1354 HIV Testing Videos | HealthCareStatistics.org - If you're interested in information about HIV testing, take a look at these videos.
  • http://www.healthcarestatistics.org/site/node/603 Wall Street Journal - Health Videos | HealthCareStatistics.org - Wall Street Journal (WSJ.com) Health Videos   Click on the 'Feed items' link below to view videos.  
  • http://www.healthcarestatistics.org/site/node/988 Stories | HealthCareStatistics.org - Listen to the stories of those with HIV and/or AIDS (HIV/AIDS) via videos from around the world (worldwide). REALLY LISTEN.
  • http://www.healthcarestatistics.org/site/node/886 Living with HIV/AIDS - Raw & Uncensored | HealthCareStatistics.org - Living with HIV/AIDS raw & uncensored videos are personal stories. Some discuss early symptoms of hiv infection, treatment for hiv aids, hiv aids vaccine, aids hiv research, aids drugs, hiv aids education, how aids impacted their lives, etc.
  • http://www.healthcarestatistics.org/site/node/22 Marketing | HealthCareStatistics.org - Health Care Statistics (.org) Marketing Resources via videos. Featured are hospital marketing, medical marketing, and dental marketing.
  • http://www.healthcarestatistics.org/site/node/1235 Hospital Marketing (videos) | HealthCareStatistics.org - Hospital marketing videos may contain what various hospitals are doing with respect to hospital quality marketing strategies, hospital marketing policy, hospital procedure marketing and more.
  • http://www.healthcarestatistics.org/site/node/1253 Medical Marketing (videos) | HealthCareStatistics.org - Medical marketing videos include marketing medical practices, utilizing a medical marketing trend, marketing medical procedures, medical marketing ideas, medical practice marketing, dental marketing e.g. dental office marketing and more.
  • http://www.healthcarestatistics.org/site/node/2257 Heavy women's miscarriage risk higher after IVF (AP) | HealthCareStatistics.org - Heavy women's miscarriage risk higher after IVF (AP) -Overweight women have a much higher risk of a miscarriage after having in-vitro fertilization compared with slim women, new research says. [Yahoo! News: Health News]
  • http://www.healthcarestatistics.org/site/node/2256 High-Tech Health Care | HealthCareStatistics.org - High-Tech Health Care - Robots are in the halls delivering supplies and in the operating rooms helping with surgeries, but the $80 million this Silicon Valley hospital recently invested in technology works behind the scenes as well. MarketWatch's Kristen
  • http://www.healthcarestatistics.org/site/node/2255 Examining the Science of Medical Marijuana | HealthCareStatistics.org - Examining the Science of Medical Marijuana - A critical look at the clinical underpinnings of medical marijuana laws across the nation -- does it really help treat glaucoma; and does it address the nausea and loss of appetite suffered by chemotherapy pati
  • http://www.healthcarestatistics.org/site/node/2254 Pot Shops Struggle Against New L.A. Ordinance | HealthCareStatistics.org - Pot Shops Struggle Against New L.A. Ordinance - Medical-marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles fight to re-open or stay open after a June 7 ordinance forced hundreds to shut down and imposed strict new regulations. [Wall Street Journal - Health Videos]
  • http://www.healthcarestatistics.org/site/node/2253 Ad Clip: Urging Men to Get a Checkup | HealthCareStatistics.org - Ad Clip: Urging Men to Get a Checkup - The Department of Health and Human Services is launching a new public service ad campaign aimed at convincing men to get more preventive checkups. [Wall Street Journal - Health Videos]
  • http://www.healthcarestatistics.org/site/node/2252 Americans are treated, and overtreated, to death (AP) | HealthCareStatistics.org - Americans are treated, and overtreated, to death (AP) - The doctors finally let Rosaria Vandenberg go home. [Yahoo! News: Health News]
  • http://www.healthcarestatistics.org/site/node/2251 School-Based Efforts May Help Curb Obesity in High-Risk Kids (HealthDay) | HealthCareStatistics.org - School-Based Efforts May Help Curb Obesity in High-Risk Kids (HealthDay News) - SUNDAY, June 27 -- School-based efforts at better nutrition, more exercise and improved education about healthy living can help kids who are most at risk for obesity keep the
  • http://www.healthcarestatistics.org/site/node/2250 Vitamins May Not Curb High Blood Pressure in Pregnant Diabetics (HealthDay) | HealthCareStatistics.org - Vitamins May Not Curb High Blood Pressure in Pregnant Diabetics (HealthDay News) - SATURDAY, June 26 -- Taking vitamin C and E supplements will not lower the risk of the blood pressure disorder known as preeclampsia in pregnant women with type 1 diabetes
  • http://www.healthcarestatistics.org/site/node/2190 News Hub: Health Costs for Companies | HealthCareStatistics.org - News Hub: Health Costs for Companies - The health reform bill eliminated a subsidy for companies that operated as a double deduction. Companies such as John Deere and Caterpillar will face new costs up to $150 million, Ellen Schultz reports. [Wall Street
  • http://www.healthcarestatistics.org/site/node/2189 Obama Signs Health-Care Reform Bill | HealthCareStatistics.org - Obama Signs Health-Care Reform Bill - Watch video of President Barack Obama signing the landmark $940 billion health-care overhaul bill into law Tuesday in Washington. Video courtesy of News Core. [Wall Street Journal - Health Videos]

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