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Medical Solutions - Siemens Healthineers Danmark - Vi tilbyder produkter og løsninger fra forebyggelse og tidlig diagnose til behandling og monitorering af sygdomme. Ved at optimere det kliniske workflow for de mest almindelige sygdomme kan vi tilbyde hurtigere, bedre og mere effektive løsninger til det danske sygehusvæsen. 

  • https://www.healthcare.siemens.dk/magazine/mso-clinical-data-intelligence.html “Data is the Only Way to Meet the Future Needs of Our Patients” - Siemens Healthineers Danmark - Read what Professor Fasching has to say about the role of genomes in breast cancer research and the potential of big data for personalized medical care.
  • https://www.healthcare.siemens.dk/magnetic-resonance-imaging/options-and-upgrades/clinical-applications/simultaneous-multi-slice Simultaneous Multi-Slice - Siemens Healthineers Danmark - Simultaneous Multi-Slice is a paradigm shift in MRI neuro imaging acquisition – helping cut neuro DWI scan times by as much as 68%.
  • https://www.healthcare.siemens.dk/laboratory-diagnostics Laboratoriediagnostik - Siemens Healthineers Danmark - En bred portefølje af løsninger, som giver mere effektive måder at hjælpe med diagnosticering, overvågning og behandling af sygdomme
  • https://www.healthcare.siemens.dk/robotic-x-ray/twin-robotic-x-ray/multitom-rax Twin Robotic X-ray scanner – Multitom Rax - Siemens Healthineers Danmark - Explore how the new Twin Robotic X-ray scanner Multitom Rax helps you combine excellent patient care and outstanding productivity with RAX technology.
  • https://www.healthcare.siemens.dk/point-of-care Point of Care analysering - Siemens Healthineers Danmark - Fra blodgas-, håndholdt koagulation- og urinanalyse-systemer til diabetes- og kardiologiske markører.
  • https://www.healthcare.siemens.dk/refurbished-systems Refurbished Systems - Siemens Healthineers Danmark - Siemens refurbishes pre-owned medical equipment for medical imaging and therapy. Find out about Siemens Refurbished Systems.
  • https://www.healthcare.siemens.dk/services Service og flowoptimering - Siemens Healthineers Danmark - Siemens ingeniører og teknikere hjælper med forebyggende vedligeholdelse og akut service på Siemens udstyr. Vi tilbyder Lean analyser, flow management, der kan hjælpe til et bedre workflow i klinik/laboratorium.
  • https://www.healthcare.siemens.dk/clinical-specialities/cardiovascular Kardiologi - bæredygtig kardiologibehandling - Siemens Healthineers Danmark - Bæredygtig behandling af hjerte-karsygdomme hos Siemens handler om bedre kardiologi og færre hjertetilfælde - lær mere!
  • https://www.healthcare.siemens.dk/clinical-specialities/neurology Neurologi - Lad dansen blive ved - Siemens Healthineers Danmark - Vi tilbyder avanceret og skalerbar billed-, laboratorie- og IT-systemer, som hjælper klinikere med at levere bæredygtig neurologisk behandling.
  • https://www.healthcare.siemens.dk/clinical-specialities/oncology Styrkelse af den personalificerede cancer behandling - Siemens Healthineers Danmark - Vores portefølje inden for cancer behandling gør dig i stand til at realisere det fulde potentiale af dine evner og giver dine patienter mulighed for at opnå bedre resultater af behandlingen.
  • https://www.healthcare.siemens.dk/clinical-specialities/surgery Surgery - Siemens Healthineers Danmark - Uanset om det er hjerte-kar operationer, vaskulære operationer, neurokirurgi eller ortopædisk eller trauma operationer har Siemens både erfaringen og baggrundsvidenen. Siemens er førende inden for udvikling af billeddiagnostik inden for adskillige discipliner. Hvad enten det er den fleksible mobile C-arm, kompakte ultralyds-systemer i en hybrid operationsstue, har Siemens det passende system for alle billedbehov under en operation.
  • https://www.healthcare.siemens.dk/clinical-specialities/womens-health-information Kvindesygdomme - Siemens Healthineers Danmark - Siemens tilbyder sundhedspersonale løsninger til forebyggelse, diagnosticering og behandling af de mest truende sygdomme, der gennem hele livet berører deres kvindelige patienter.
  • https://www.healthcare.siemens.dk/clinical-specialities/allergy Allergi - Siemens Healthineers Danmark - Find ud af mere om allergi og hvordan en blodprøve tidligere kan hjæpe med at diagnosticere allergi.
  • https://www.healthcare.siemens.dk/clinical-specialities/anemia Anæmi - Siemens Healthineers Danmark - Som din partner inden for anæmi tilbyder Siemens kvalitets analysemetoder til nøjagtig diagnosticering og omkostningeffektiv behandling af sygdommen.
  • https://www.healthcare.siemens.dk/clinical-specialities/autoimmune-disorders Autoimmune sygdomme - Siemens Healthineers Danmark - Siemens er opsat på at tilbyde klinikere de nødvendige redskaber til diagnose og overvågning af autoimmune sygdomme.
  • https://www.healthcare.siemens.dk/clinical-specialities/bone-metabolism Knoglemetabolisme - Siemens Healthineers Danmark - Siemens bone metabolism tests measure both calcium regulation and bone turnover.  Includes automated total vitamin D test.
  • https://www.healthcare.siemens.dk/clinical-specialities/diabetes Diabetes - Siemens Healthineers Danmark - Vi tilbyder en bred vifte af systemer og analyser indenfor Point of Care til diagnosticering og monitorering af diabetespatienter
  • https://www.healthcare.siemens.dk/growth-disorders Vækstforstyrrelser - Siemens Healthineers Danmark - Siemens er en af de førende udbydere af analyser, der hjælper læger med nøjagtig diagnose af vækstforstyrrelser.

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  • Alfredo R. - 1 TV Box is a great option for those looking for something small and nice ...

    The Nansii T95N Mini MX+ Android 5.1 TV Box is a great option for those looking for something small and nice as a media center device. It is perfect for travel, I first use it at a hotel in a job trip. It has a quad core CPU to handle HD video and comes pre-loaded with Kodi for all your streaming media needs. The included remote has dedicated shortcut keys for common tasks and a mode that allows it to be used as a mouse/pointer. The included WiFi allows you to connect to a wireless network or you can plug an network cable right in the back of the box. The device also has 2 USB ports, Ethernet, HDMI, AV, and a TF memory card slot all in a tiny package that fits in the palm of your hand. Overall, I am very happy with this media center device and would recommend it to others.

  • M. Cork - My dog has eaten some pretty disgusting things but will not let me apply this minty gel

    In theory this sounds like a good product for easy dental care, but my dog who eats everything will not put up with the flavor. He will hide as soon as the product comes out and then jump and buck when I get him cornered. I'll give the product 2 stars since my other dog will tolerate the product.

  • meghannoel22 - Love this carrier

    Love this carrier, it unzips on both ends to fold down in a storable flat shape instead of a big bulky pet taxi always in the way. It comes with a comfy pad in the bottom and fits both my adult cats and dachshund on vet trips. Nice made material and easy assembly. Definitely recommend this if you have limited space but need a pet carrier.

  • JimR - Service was great, product good.

    The product was not available locally as it it a seasonal coffee. It is great when really fresh, but not so great when it has aged a bit. The service was great, but the product was not as fresh as when purchased locally.

  • PhotoDorer - Best Server OS I've ever installed.

    Server 2012 R2 Standard (2CPU/2VM) is the best you can get currently depending of course on your purpose for the OS. Installation was a breeze and insanely faster than prior MSoft Server OS's. It's lightweight (for Windows) until you load up all the server roles you may need, but the whole point of this license is to allow you to keep the OS's light weigh by Virtualizing other machines and having the jobs spread out!

  • Luis C. - Awesome.

    Very good. Great recording. Very nice songs. The best Ringo Star All Star Band DVD. Toto's guitar (Luke) at his best.

  • Fearney - AWESOME GAME! God awful UI and a few bugs ...

    Have played EVERY BF game since 1942 in 2002 with the exception of BF2. I jumped from Vietnam to 2142.