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  • Justin Hodge - Masterfully written, engaging storytelling, and a thorough overview

    In Collision 2012, chief correspondent of the Washington Post Dan Balz examines the 2012 presidential election, its candidates, its would-be candidates, and its impact on future elections. Balz crafts an engaging narrative for the election by utilizing information from hundreds of interviews with the candidates, key campaign staff, and citizens. In addition to providing an extremely detailed look into the nuts and bolts of the campaigns, the book also depicts major world events that occurred throughout the campaign period and their impact on the candidates' strategies and the eventual outcome. Balz provides ample background information about all things election related, from Super PACs to Occupy Wall Street to rich biographical information about the candidates. Collision 2012 makes very few assumptions about the reader's prior knowledge, making the book easily understandable even for readers that may not be well-versed in politics or keep up with current events.

  • Sandra Whiitfield - Not what I was hoping for

    I heard so much about the Amope Pedi Perfect Foot File that I rushed out to buy it but me personally I am not impressed. It just doesn't have enough power to really take away the hard skin like they advertise, I'll have to try something else.

  • Michael Frisbee - Barbie

    Great for keeping my daughters collection up to date, she has been collecting them since she was born. The boxes are cluttering her room, but she really enjoys having them.

  • Outdoor Adventurer - I'm sure many have had good results with this

    The smell was acceptable, but it is SO greasy! It is made mostly of oils, which I do know can help scarring. However, they do plug pores up. I'm sure many have had good results with this, but it was too oily for my sensitive skin. I received this item at a discount for my honest and fair review.

  • donalyn - Get Past That Plateau with Formula 1

    I had lost 10 lbs. when I hit a plateau. I tried other products without success when I came across Real Dose Weight Loss Formula 1. I figured with the money back guarantee I had no excuse not to give it a try. I noticed right away that my cravings for sweets were greatly diminished. I started taking one capsule thirty minutes before each meal and within two weeks I began to lose weight again without changing in my diet. Using Real Dose Formula 1 and a weight loss app to monitor calorie intake and calories expended through exercise I was able to gradually shed another 40 lbs. (I also drink a protein shake using the Real Meal protein powder for breakfast every morning.) I have continued to take Formula 1 before each meal to maintain the weight loss for going on two years now. The weight loss tips from Dr. Steve and staff are very helpful. Be sure to sign up for their tips.

  • Darleen Fulgham - Toilet tree callus remover

    Loved it never had anything make my feet feel so good and soft . They are ready for summer and flip flops . Husband used it for calluses on his hands and they haven't felt that good in years.