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Las Vegas Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Law Firm | H.A.L.O. Attorneys - Call 702-432-1000 for a Free consultation with award-winning Las Vegas criminal defense attorney Parviz Heshmati. Payment plans are available.

  • http://www.halo-attorneys.com/criminal-defense-practice-overview/las-vegas-criminal-defense-attorney.html Criminal Defense Practice Overview | Las Vegas, NV | 702-432-1000 - Looking for a criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas? Heshmati & Associates represent clients facing DUI, domestic violence and drug charges.
  • http://www.halo-attorneys.com/personal-injury-practice-overview/personal-injury.html Personal Injury Practice Overview | Las Vegas, NV | 702-432-1000 - Need a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas? Heshmati & Associates represent personal injury victims in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas and Clakr County
  • http://www.halo-attorneys.com/meet-the-staff/team.html Meet the Staff | Heshmati & Associates Legal Team | Las Vegas, NV - Meet the staff of Heshmati & Associates Las Vegas law firm. Our main focus is criminal defense and personal injury.
  • http://www.halo-attorneys.com/case-results/criminal-defense-and-personal-injury-case-results.html Case Results | Criminal Defense & Personal Injury | Las Vegas, Nevada - Heshmati & Associates criminal defense and personal injury cases in Las Vegas, Nevada. Partial list and short descriptions of the most recent case results.
  • http://www.halo-attorneys.com/car-accidents/personal-injury-and-car-accidents-in-las-vegas.html Vegas Car Accident Lawyer | Car Accident Lawsuit Lawyer | Las Vegas - Las Vegas car accident lawyer discusses injuries caused by car crushes and the monetary compensations you are entitled to. Call 702-432-1000.
  • http://www.halo-attorneys.com/DUI-charges-DWI-charges/DUI-charges-DWI-charges-in-Nevada.html Drunk Driving & DUI Charges | DUI Lawyer | Las Vegas, Nevada - Facing DUI charges in Las Vegas, Nevada. The DUI lawyer explains the penalties and legal defenses for DUI. Questions? Call 702-432-1000.
  • http://www.halo-attorneys.com/record-sealing/record-sealing-and-criminal-record-expungement-in-nevada.html Record Sealing | Las Vegas, Nevada | Record Sealing Attorney - Record sealing and Nevada State Law. Benefits of record sealing and the legal process. Questions? Call at 702-432-1000.
  • http://www.halo-attorneys.com/hit-and-run/las-vegas-hit-and-run-attorney.html Hit and Run | Felony or Misdemeanor? | Las Vegas Hit & Run Attorney Explains - Las Vegas hit and run attorney explains laws and penalties in Nevada for leaving the scene of a crime. New 2015 DUI hit and run laws.
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  • http://www.halo-attorneys.com/solicitation-charges/prostitution-charges-in-las-vegas.html Solicitation Of Prostitution | Solicitation Charges | Las Vegas, Nevada - Solicitation charges in Las Vegas, Nevada. Penalties, entrapment, legal defenses. Sting operations in LV. For a free case review call 702-432-1000.
  • http://www.halo-attorneys.com/parviz-heshmati-esq/attorney-bio.html Award-winning Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney Parviz Heshmati | Bio - Bio and law practice overview of award-winning Las Vegas criminal defense attorney Parviz Heshmati. Call 702-432-1000 for a FREE Consultation.
  • http://www.halo-attorneys.com/parish-heshmati-esq/attorney-bio.html Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Lawyer Parish Heshmati Esq. | Bio - Parish Heshmati Esq. is a criminal defense and personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada. Call 702-432-1000 for a free case evaluation.
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  • http://www.halo-attorneys.com/misdemeanor-charges/misdemeanor-charges-in-las-vegas-nevada.html Misdemeanor Charges | Crime & Misdemeanors | Las Vegas, Nevada - Las Vegas misdemeanor attorney explains misdemeanor charges, penalties and defenses. Aggressive legal representation! Call today at 702-432-1000.
  • http://www.halo-attorneys.com/warrants/bench-arrest-search-warrants-in-nevada.html Warrants & Nevada State Law | Bench, Arrest & Search Warrants - Wants, Warrants and Nevada State Law. Las Vegas criminal defense attorney explains bench, arrest and search warrants. Call for a FREE case review! 702-432-1000.
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  • http://www.halo-attorneys.com/drug-charges/unlawful-possession-of-controlled-substance.html Drug Charges | Possession of Controlled Substance | Las Vegas, Nevada - Las Vegas drug defense attorney explains penalty for an unlawful possession of controlled substance. Is possession of controlled substance a felony?

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