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Hackensack University Medical Group, New Jersey. Multi-specialty medical care. With offices throughout Northern New Jersey. | HackensackUMG - Hackensack University Medical Group is a primary care and multi-specialty medical group. We offer convenient locations and extended hours. Our physicians skilled and compassionate.

  • http://www.hackensackumg.org/about-us/hackensackumg/ Hackensack University Medical Group, Hackensack, Bergen County, NJ | HackensackUMG - At Hackensack University Medical Group Primary Care Associates (PCA), our mission is to help you stay well and to care for you when you’re not. We are an integrated multispecialty network of physicians in PCA offices throughout the region and we’re focused on your health. Our offices are Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) where patients, healthcare professionals and caregivers work together.
  • http://www.hackensackumg.org/about-us/awards-and-recognition/ Hackensack University Medical Group Awards and Recognition | HackensackUMG - Primary and Specialty Care in Northern NJ. Awards and Recognition of the Hackensack University Medical Group.
  • http://www.hackensackumg.org/featured-physician/menacker/ Morey Menacker, DO | HackensackUMG - Dr. Morey Menacker follows a comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach for his patients as the best way to help them achieve optimal health at any age. His practice is part of a Patient-Centered Medical Home where excellent medical care is delivered at an affordable cost. Dr. Menacker takes the time to ensure that each of his patients recognizes personal risk factors for developing chronic diseases. He recommends appropriate screenings for each patient’s age, gender, and state of health...
  • http://www.hackensackumg.org/specialties/ Hackensack University Medical Group Specialties, Bergen County, NJ. | HackensackUMG - HackensackUMG offers a range of medical specialties to ensure that you receive a quality healthcare experience, close to home. Listed below are our current specialties: Dermatology, Gynecology, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Allergy and Immunology, Pulmonology, Podiatry, Geriatrics.
  • http://www.hackensackumg.org/body-shape-comparing-apples-to-pears/ Body Shape -- Comparing Apples to Pears | HackensackUMG - People who are pear-shaped, that is, people who carry their weight around their hips and thighs tend to have a lower risk of these chronic diseases. On the other hand, apple-shaped people with weight around the middle of the body and waists larger than their hips tend to have higher risk. Scientists say that the deep, visceral fat in apple-shaped people secretes hormones that cause inflammation connected with heart disease.
  • http://www.hackensackumg.org/therapeutic-shoes-reduce-diabetes-complications/ Therapeutic Shoes Help Reduce Diabetes Complications | HackensackUMG - Therapeutic shoes can be very essential in preserving foot health and a patient’s ability to remain independent. Special shoes for people with diabetes must be prescribed by a physician such as a podiatrist, and fitted by a podiatrist or healthcare provider with special training.
  • http://www.hackensackumg.org/driving-drowsy/ Driving Drowsy | HackensackUMG - Driving a vehicle demands full brain attention whether it’s a car, motorcycle, bicycle, or truck, but in today’s busy world, many of us are driving at less than 100% alertness due to lack of sleep. After an unsatisfying night’s sleep, we still must go to work, drive the kids to soccer practice, or do grocery shopping. Lack of sufficient sleep is so common that most people hardly notice the symptoms and use varying sources of caffeine to increase mental alertness...

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  • Michael Sholders - Emigrants Find Wicked and Humane People in New York City

    Two young women from Ireland had differing tales that eventually caused them to emigrate from Ireland, but they were woven together with poverty and calamity in their native land. Victoria was one of the young women, and her story was repulsive to say the least. Her father, a poor Irish man living on a land baron’s estate was conscripted during the potato famine to identify his peers, friends and neighbors to the persons who eventually evicted them due to non-payment of rent. This was horrifying; nobody could afford to pay, yet the miserly baron had them removed as Victoria’s father watched. Nasty business. Her father was eventually murdered, and she was an outcast. Off she went to America to escape and be re-invented. This is the story of how these two women met on the Atlantic crossing, became good friends, got robbed, beaten and taken advantage of in their new environs, New York City. They became seamstresses working almost as slaves until they decided to go into business for themselves. They succeed, but not without major trials. A Jewish merchant who manufactured materials gave them encouragement, credit, and any other help he could to help them due to their industriousness and honesty. The tale winds around some scoundrels that continue to try to undermine this new business owner, and the lines are drawn between good and evil people in New York. An engaging story that has many historical truths in it; it describes what courage and integrity is all about both the positive side of the ledger as well as the negative side of the human ledger.

  • Pat Dugan - practical case

    Now I can take all my gear with me in one of my own bags. Just took it in a duffle bag to Alaska. I could leave it in our room and just take the needed camera stuff with me for the day, knowing that when I needed more it was protected in the room.

  • Teressa Voss-Curry - ... installment in the others of edenton series does not disappoint. It is full of action

    Brandy Rivers' latest installment in the others of edenton series does not disappoint. It is full of action, both steamy and otherwise. The plot never slows down and it keeps you interested from first page to last. My favorite part about this book in particular is the redemption story line. I love that love always gets a second chance.