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Gymnastics Factory - A purpose built gymnastics facility in Guildford, catering for 4 month old babies right through to adults classes. Call 01483 455 060 to book a FREE trial.

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  • Schlitze - Can't beat the price

    My OEM Toyota Sienna hubcaps fell off! 2 of them anyway, I don't know where, but they don't stay on too well. These aren't made of plastic of the same quality, but they look good and haven't come off in the year I've had them. If you try to find OEM hubcaps you will pay WAY more. I actually think these look better.

  • Samuel R. Aldrete - Dangerous Advise for Kidney Stones!!!

    I am a kidney stone patient, after a couple of medium stones spread over 4 years I decided to follow Mr. Wallachs advice and started with agressive calcium supplementation, like he recommends, after 2 years I ended up with two big stones [one on each kidney] and several smaller stones on BOTH kidneys

  • Paul - Buyers Beware ! ! !

    Received item that does not work. Tried to get product key code numerous times but would not work through Microsoft site. received credit from Amazon for a vendor who does not provide a genuine or legal product. Watch out for these new stores that open up you may get burnt. Purchase software through Amazon affiliated store , I did after two bad experiences with shady vendors.

  • T. Vaughan - Super helpful

    Some of the advice is un-necessary - I have figured some stuff out in twenty years of marriage. That being said, a great deal of it was VERY helpful. I learned a lot, or reinforced a lot of information I have recently realized - that attempting to simply 'appease' my wife ends up making me seem like I'm detached and not worthy of respect, while really stepping up, and not being afraid to take charge pretty much across the board (well, NOT in the kitchen or laundry!!) is what she's sub-consciously been looking for all along. THANK YOU!!!