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  • James Einert, ND, CH - I love this diet plan

    I love this diet plan. I have lost almost 20 lbs since Thanksgiving and this is 3 days before New Year's Day. And I am 63 years old, so it is harder for me to lose weight than younger people. I plan to put this diet together with some supplements and hypnosis to start diet classes. I would definitely suggest this for anyone trying to lose weight. It is a plan you can stay on and be healthy for the rest of your life.

  • someboredguy1121 - Flawed toaster oven

    This is a good quality toaster, it works very well normally. It has even heat, and is great at making frozen pizzas-(advice put pizza in without preheating oven, set to minimum time recommended on box. Put lcd selection chicken setting) This works the best.

  • college student - Book seems good but the pages are incredibly thin

    Book seems good but the pages are incredibly thin... seems like they cheaped out on that pretty hard this time around. My highlighter bleeds through on a lot of pages and it feels like its going to rip whenever I flip the page. That being said this book is a must for med students.

  • cth - SC - Love the feel of this serum on my face

    Love the feel of this serum on my face. It quickly absorbed into the skin. I have used it daily and almost finished the bottle, however I see no visible difference in any line or wrinkle, with that said, I don't see any additional lines or wrinkles either.

  • jaderabbit - Nothing fancy (which is a good thing!) and gets the job done.

    I have acne-prone, oily skin that NEEDS hydration but tends to break out from any lotion under the sun. However, two of my dermatologists recommended the Cerave line so I decided to take the plunge.

  • Ruth Smith - Great Flea Product!!

    We have been using nasty chemicals on our dogs and in our house this year that has been the worst flea infestation I have ever seen. None of these products were working and the fleas just kept getting worse and worse. We found this product after researching organic remedies for fleas. This was a GREAT find!! We are finally getting results and almost have our flea problem under control. The house smells great after treating with this product. Thank you Vets Best for a great product...I would recommend this to everyone battling those pesky fleas!! Bring on tick season we are armed now!

  • AmazonFan - it lulled my son into believing he was better prepared than he actually was

    The material and test are NOT A REPRESENTATION of what is on the actual Subject Test! My son scored an 800 on all the sample tests, but took the real test this weekend and had never seen a significant amount of the material on it. Not only did the Kaplan book not accurately represent the material to expect on the test, it lulled my son into believing he was better prepared than he actually was. Considering how hard he worked to prepare for the test, this book was not only disappointing, it falsely advertised.