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  • Emily - Massive migraine!

    ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! I am a female about 5"5 170 lbs and I wanted to jump start my weight loss and begin with a cleanse. This wasn't my first cleanse either! By the end of day one I had gotten a massive migraine. My head hurt so bad I was nearly crying! So not worth it!!! Stay away!!!

  • fathappyrats - Keep it in the cupboard!!

    I've done some pretty stupid things with haircolor in the past year, and if I mess up bad, this stuff REALLY WORKS. It can't take out deep turquoise or purple, hot pink etc completely, but it doesn't further lighten your hair. It leaves it feeling soft and ready to recolor, and really does take out your OOPS. If you've lightened and toned your hair it will only take out the toner. Nothing can restore your original color after bleaching, and MOST permanent haircolors (even dark browns and blacks) contain some bleach/peroxide to help set the color. You could still have a surprise in that your hair is lighter than you thought, but this is NOT the Color Oops - it's more likely the color you put in your hair to start with.

  • Neha C. - Its refreshing and takes makeup , dirt and sweat smoothly

    I do facials and like to clean the makeup and dirt with this gently using cotton rounds on my clients. Its really refreshing and takes off the sweat, dirt and makeup easily. Has slight lemmon fragrance to it ! Like it

  • Linda Reads - 50 Shades of Max

    I like that this book starts six months into a relationship and we backtrack to see how they got to that opening moment. A just-legal young woman, Lola Grace, goes out with friends to celebrate her 18th birthday and meets up with Max who for some unknown reason is celebrating his “last night of freedom.” The reader assumes he’s getting married but why does he dread it so much?! He meets Lola Grace and sparks fly. He KNOWS she’s too young for him but he’s drawn to her like she is to him. The next day, after a night to remember with Lola Grace, he marries and meets his new bride’s daughter, none other than, you guessed it…Lola Grace.

  • Chuck Warman - Worked for me (for awhile)

    Three months ago I was as skeptical as John (below). I have OA in both knees and was contemplating knee replacement surgery. I decided to give this guy's recommendations a chance as a last resort, since my meds weren't helping much. I've been on fairly large doses of glucosamine/chondroitin, ASU, SAMe, and Omega 3-6-9 since around last Thanksgiving. My knee pain has reduced by, I would guess, about 75%. I don't want to over-hype this regimen, and I don't have any idea how long the relief will last. But it's real, and it's substantial. Note that you have to allow a couple of months for it to fully kick in.

  • Alfred S. Wenzl Sr. - not sure...

    The recommended dose is 3 pilIs, but I only used 1 pill before going to bed. Usually woke up after 2 to 3 hours, but fell asleep again repeatedly. One time I used 2 pills, and got no better effect either. Last night, after popping my usual single pill dose I woke up 2 hours later with intestinal discomfort - went to have bowel movement. Cramps continued in the morning and after breakfast. I suspect this can be a side effect of Valerian, and is so miserable that it outweighs any benefit. Edited 1/22:

  • The Doctor - Worked as advertised

    Bought this for my sons school project as we needed a burner to boil water. There were reviews that mentioned the smell of smoke and I had that too. However, (to me) that was just a new electronic appliance doing its thing where you smell that electric smell or see a little smoke the first time you use it. After that, no smell, no smoke, works perfectly.