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  • R. Lynch - Acronis Is An Excellent Software Product

    I have had two hard drive crashes! Once was one, too many! If you have ever had a hard disk crash, then spent hours, reinstalling Windows, finding your old program disks and reinstalling them, and installing your last data files backup, then you will understand why I believe cloning your hard disk is a better way to go. I have used Acronis True Image software for a number of years to clone my computer's hard drive. It is easy to use and does the job, without any issues or surprises. Instead of backing up my hard drive, I clone the installed drive to one of two identical hard drives. As an extra precaution, I also alternate the cloned drives between the cloning operations. The cloning operation makes an exact copy of my hard drive. Now, after a hard drive crash, all I have to do is swap the installed drive with the most recent cloned drive and load any data or files that have changed, since the last cloning operation. I am immediately back in business! I use the recommended Acronis settings and when asked, I confirm the already listed source and target drives. Once the program starts the cloning operation, operator intervention is not required. I start the cloning operation at the end of the day and the job is finished the next morning. As an option, the program will automatically turn off your computer, when the cloning operation is finished. I highly recommend using Acronis True Image! It is a well engineered and designed program. And best of all, it works and is well worth the investment!

  • Wendy Way - I Love this Cookbook

    As other reviews noted, there are no pictures of the food to guide the cook. As an experienced cook, this is not a problem as I have a general idea of how the different foods look. I also have some vintage cookbooks with no pictures that I use frequently with no problems either. If you don't know how food should look when cooked it is probably not for you. If you have some experience or are willing to look up similar dishes to get a gist of how it should look, this book has some fabulous recipes!!

  • DangerrD - Reception Not as Good as the OEM antenna.

    I got this antenna because the OEM antenna on my FJ Cruiser hitting all the low branches and my garage door as well as constantly getting loose.

  • Inchicago - Overpriced concealer. I bought this and would not buy ...

    Overpriced concealer. I bought this and would not buy it again. Candidly, I put this on side-by-side with drugstore concealers and there was no difference.

  • Robert - Product works. I Know it does.

    I have been using this product for years now and it does work. Everyone who says it doesn't work at all just simply doesn't know gown to use it. When you are going to use this detox you can't eat anything fatty, can't eat or drink dairy products. You just need to drink water and after your test you can eat

  • Richard Talman - USB Cables seem OK but both power supplies cycle off ...

    USB Cables seem OK but both power supplies cycle off and on continously on my iPhone 5c. I guess you get what you pay for.

  • Alphanor - Truly a groundbreaking health discovery - earthing is simple, cheap and really works

    It is amazing how often science progresses thank to unlikely people. Many mainstream scientists are dyed in the wool conformists who lack curiosity, the desire to challenge existing dogmas and the ability to use intuition. They are sometimes some of the most uncreative people on earth, just satisfied of being guardians of the temple of EXISTING KNOWLEDGE. Other just shy uncommon thinking because it might endanger their tenured jobs as academics or threaten the benevolent economic interests who feed them. The worst sin for mainstream academics is lacking credibility and looking silly. No wonder academics rarely dare standing behind unproven ideas who look ridiculous at first glance.