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  • Miss_B - Love it! Great product for false lash junkies!!...

    After ruining my natural eyelashes and developing blepharitis from using semi permanant eyelash extensions for over 2 years straight, i ended up with no lashes,

  • Rollingdice - Does exactly what you want it to do

    For the most part, I am happy with my decision to go with this flosser. It definitely works and only took one or two uses to figure it out. Whoever suggested in the review leaving your hand on the on/off button was entirely accurate - it will make the process much easier. One of the things I did no like is that the tongue cleaner blasts water at you while you're trying to do that so its not very useful to have it on while using the tongue cleaner attachment. . . but I could be using it wrong. It is a little on the louder side in the morning but its entirely managable.

  • mary tatar - Couldn't put it down!

    I had every intention of having a productive day until I started reading this book. I couldn't put this wonderful book down. Seriously, though I can't tell you enough what this book did to me. I want to read it again. I'm a such a sucker for teenage angst and Penelooe writes a good one. Truly this pne shot straight of my list of best books this year.

  • Doug B - TOTALLY USELESS - Intuit Failed on this one....

    I've been using Intuit products from the early days. I was a Beta tester for them for Quicken for windows 3.1. I've used quickbooks for a number of small business I have owned or been a manager or partner for for many years. Lets face it the ONLY reason to use a tax software or bookkeeping product like the INTUIT line is to save money on accountant costs. My business accountant as many do charge by the hour. The more my company does the less time he spends the more I save. The problem that I have with this products is the way it "imports" or really does NOT import data from it's sister product Quickbooks. I have both MAC's and windows computers. I tend to use the MAC's more (especially since Window's 8) for my day to day activities like bookkeeping. I have QuickBooks for the MAC and us it for my day to day bookkeeping chores. Come tax time I purchase TurboTax for business for windows (I have an s-Corp and Intuit doesn't have a MAC version for Business). My thought was the QuickBooks for MAC offers a future to save the company file in a windows version. So I installed the TurboTax for Business on a Windows 8 computer. Saved my QuickBooks for MAC in the windows format, copied to the windows machine, went to import the data into the TurboTax for Business, only to find that the TurboTax for Business does NOT recognize the QuickBooks Company file. Now both these products are made by INTUIT. I went to there help section of the WEB, and found out that NO turboTax for Business will only work for the Windows version of Quickbooks. Now I could purchase the windows version of Quickbooks convert my MAC version Company to windows and it will work. ARE THEY TRYING TO MAKE ME SPEND MORE MONEY ON WITH THEM? After all if the windows version of quickBooks can use the MAC Company File why doesn't TurboTax for Business have the ability to read the same file. After all these are all sister products from the same company Intuit. Well lesson learned for me, this one's going n the trash, back to the accountant. THIS WILL BE THE LAST INTUIT PRODUCT I PURCHASE. Shame for them as in the past I always have keeper current (PAID for it) on all their software.

  • I love logistics - ... had it for a few weeks now and it's great. It fit right in without any modifications I ...

    We've had it for a few weeks now and it's great. It fit right in without any modifications I think it will meet all my expectations.