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  • Ashley - Works better than drops

    I used to use those drops for my dogs for fleas and ticks, but after using a very expensive brand of flea drops and still getting a full flea infestation which required fumigation, I switched to flea collars upon a friend's advice. I will never go back to the drops, pills, or anything but flea collars. Don't fix what isn't broken, these work like a charm!

  • LaVonda - NO NO! it isn't

    This is a great shaver. If you are expecting a NO NO! knock off, this isn't it. But if you want a get rid of facial hair without pain, this will do the trick. You really only have to use the first attachment once because the other head is for stubble and a 1 minute gets rid of that. So far I really like it.

  • Rebecca - It's nice that they come in a dropper that I can ...

    I use these drops for my 21 month old and my 2 month old. It's nice that they come in a dropper that I can give them directly instead of having to mix it with a bottle since the little one doesn't take bottles. It's oil based so it gets a bit messy, right now my bottle is covered in oil that leaked out I guess.. But it's easy to measure & easy to take so I will continue to purchase this product.

  • Gregory Modelle - small office application

    Part of a system overhaul. Seems okay..minor irregularities in function. Properties function does not work sometimes. Still learning about how to best use it's capabilities.