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Escola Nacional de Seguros - Forma��o profissional na �rea de seguros. Al�m dos cursos, nossa Escola oferece palestras, semin�rios, certifica��o profissional, certifica��o internacional e muito mais.

  • http://www.funenseg.org.br/atendimento/perguntas.php Escola Nacional de Seguros - Formação profissional na área de seguros, palestras, livros, pesquisas, certificação internacional e muito mais.
  • http://www.funenseg.org.br/mbas Escola Nacional de Seguros - MBA / Pós-Graduação - Cursos de pós-graduação indicados para profissionais que pretendem aplicar seus conhecimentos em carreira gerencial.
  • http://www.funenseg.org.br/cursos/corporativos Escola Nacional de Seguros - Formação profissional na área de seguros, palestras, livros, pesquisas, certificação internacional e muito mais.
  • http://www.funenseg.org.br/parcerias-internacionais Escola Nacional de Seguros | Parcerias Internacionais - A Escola Nacional de Seguros mantém convênios com importantes instituições dos Estados Unidos, da Europa e da América Latina, objetivando importar tecnologia e oportunizar a inserção do profissional brasileiro no mercado globalizado.
  • http://www.funenseg.org.br/parcerias-internacionais/bolsas-de-estudo.php Escola Nacional de Seguros | Parcerias Internacionais | Bolsas de Mestrado - A Escola Nacional de Seguros oferece duas bolsas de estudo integrais para interessados em realizar o Curso de Mestrado em Ciências Atuariais na Cass Bussines School - City University, em Londres.
  • http://www.funenseg.org.br/exames/certificacao_internacional.php Escola Nacional de Seguros - Forma��o profissional na �rea de seguros, palestras, livros, pesquisas, certifica��o internacional e muito mais.
  • http://www.funenseg.org.br/ensino-superior Escola Nacional de Seguros - Ensino Superior - curso, corretor, seguro, ensino, capacita��o, profissional, eventos, habilita��o, gradua��o em seguros e previd�ncia, pesquisas, livros
  • http://www.funenseg.org.br/aescola/biblioteca.php Escola Nacional de Seguros | Biblioteca - Localizada na sede da Escola Nacional de Seguros, no Rio de Janeiro, a Biblioteca Ivan da Mota Dantas foi criada em 1978. Seu acervo é composto por mais de 24.000 registros, entre livros, artigos de periódicos, monografias, teses, relatórios, e outros suportes. Também são encontrados cerca de 150 títulos de periódicos nacionais e estrangeiros, além de vídeos, CD-ROMs, DVDs, disquetes e textos didáticos produzidos pela entidade.

    Country:, South America, BR

    City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • kuteson - Great stroller, maybe not for the very young

    Love this stroller. Easier to steer than my Britax B-Agile, easy to fold, like the shade, the storage and the cupholder. Will be trying it out in the airport in a couple of weeks, I think it's going to be great. It's true that it's still a bit big folded up, I don't think that I'll really be able to leave this in the trunk of my small car all the time as I had hoped. Also, a note which may be helpful to others - my 11 month old is on the small side (average height, but still just around 18 lbs), and she is always sliding down in this thing! You can only adjust the straps so much, and the crotch strap does not adjust at all. Will be better when she's a bit older, I think.

  • Nathan - Works as a Sous Vide heating element.

    I purchased this hot plate to heat a 40qt, heavy bottom stock pot of water. On the highest temperature, I was able to heat 58° water to 140°F in under 10 minutes.

  • Quantum - DO NOT PURCHASE!

    It was time to get rid of the old Roxio Creator and get the sparking new Roxio Creator Pro 2012, so I purchased the new product. I went to uninstall the old product and low and behold when I went to restart the computer to install the newest version, my computer crashed and will not restart in anyway or any mode. I tried everything to get my computer to run, but nothing will work. I decided to contact Roxio and found they have no customer phone support and will not help me by email because in their words "I would like to help you with the issue you have in Roxio Creator. Unfortunately, Roxio Creator and all other versions prior to it are now no longer sold or supported by Roxio and hence are called as legacy products. I know this is not the answer you want to hear and if I put myself in your shoes it would be frustrating for me too. Unfortunately, our hands are tied up at this situation." So Roxio won't even help you at all especially if it's their products that caused the problem. Do not purchase this product, it will only bring you heartache when you go to uninstall it in the future. I lost everything on my Computer and I mean everything. Years of photos, all email addresses, accounting and music is all gone! Thank you for nothing Roxio!

  • William K - Quality writing instrument

    Much like I expected. Good size and weight. The cap clicks on barrel. Superb craftsmanship. G2 refills fit perfectly.

  • Amazon Customer - Not the answer

    I bought the Casper hoping it would would be the cure to my mattress search. Unfortunately, I was wrong. The Casper company itself was great to work with, however if you are looking for a firm mattress, I'd encourage you to keep looking. Casper did send us a "firm" mattress topper, however that has not solved the problem. Now that we have had it for seven months, it is also becoming noticeable that the mattress is sagging in the middle. It is too late to return the mattress or I would. The search continues....