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    I'm a female that uses this for miid thinning on the top of my head. I am very pleased with it and on the occasion when I want to part my hair down the middle this product allows me to do it. I have fine hair and use hairspray to help hold my hair into place and for me, I find it works best to use the product after using hairspray. I shake it over the thinning area to cover and very gently pat the area to set the fibers. If you do spray the area, make sure it's a fine mist spray and to not do it too close.

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    I got this book for my son to help him score as high as he can on the ASVAB test. It is very easy to understand and comprehend. He is already able to answer questions correctly that he couldn't before. I recommend this study guide to anyone who is wanting to increase their score on the ASVAB test. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion and review. The lack of cost did not sway my opinion or review in any way. I would have posted the same review if I had paid full price for this product.

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    Kaspersky has been in the forefront of every new malware discovered. This program does a good job of protecting and has great tools also.

  • jrw10 - Highly Readable and Relatable

    This is one of the best books about the desperate inner life and struggles of many wives I have ever read. It's honest and unashamed to drag ugly truths out from where they lay carefully hidden for years and years.

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    This is my all time favorite meal replacement. Not only is it delicious but it really help me on my weight lost journey over the last couple months. I lost 18 and was able to get back in my bikini for my trip to the Caribbean. I'm a fan that will continue to buy and stand by this product.