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  • R. Seward - It helped to quiet my water pump.

    I was thinking about replacing the noisy water pump in my travel trailer; but it works fine, and I hate to replace a product that's still working, so I decided to give this a try. It did quiet it down some, but it defiantly didn't silence it. I still get some hammering effect, but it's less than before, I'll live with it until the pump goes out, then I'll invest in a truly silent pump. In fairness, I didn't expect it to completely silence the pump, and it worked about how I expected it to.

  • Cameron - Just like the one that came in my car

    Just like the one that came in my car... that was stolen. Glad to see these are the same quality. These are the best for hiding cargo.

  • W. Sweger - Less effective than our 50-mile leaf antennas until we added a second amplifier; hoped for better amplification.

    We were hoping for better reception with this antenna and it just wasn't to be. We had several 50-mile leaf antennas around the house and I wanted to replace all of them with this antenna. When I set it up and added the amplifier, it was actually less sensitive than the 50-mile leaf antennas (with amplifiers) than we already had. So I added a second amplifier in line with this antenna amplifier, rotated the antenna, and was able to pick up a few more stations in the Charlotte area (we're about 45 miles north of Charlotte). So without the second amplifier in series with this antenna, it was actually worse than the leaf antennas we were already using. Again, we're OK right now, but was not as good as hoped.

  • Hydromorphone - Spore as fun as watching paint dry

    Wow, I can't believe I bought this, was a pile of trash. Will Wright can save his snarky comments about his game - maybe if he saves them up he can post them on the walls of his new cardboard box to remind him of the epic failure that is Spore.