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  • SBulls57 - Review of MS Outlook 2010

    What's not to like? If you have the MS Office suite and DON'T have Outlook, you must be using another e-mail agent. Personally, I hate to say it but I *HAD* to have this... I use it at work all the time and quite frankly, I didn't have another client @ home, so... It's good at what it does, it offers plenty of options and it allows me to "tinker" with VBA...

  • Happy Mom - This Diet Works.

    I was desperate for answers when I found this book. I was suffering from fibromyalgia, ADHD, severe anxiety, diabetes, PCOS, high cholesterol, obesity, depression, hashimoto's, digestive problems and malabsorption of nutrients. I would walk 15 miles a week and track all my calories without losing any weight. It has been six months and it has been life changing. I was waiting for my bloodwork before writing this review. I only did the introductory phase for about a week and then quickly moved through the other phases. I have been on full GAPS for five months. The first two months after starting I was very sick. I would cycle through yeast/bacterial infections, and then get more ill from die off. By month three I felt fantastic and had lost more than 20lbs. My bloodwork results amazed me. My A1C is down to 5.9, triglycerides down to 82, sex hormones and free testosterone well in the normal range, cholesterol ratio went down from 3.23 to 2.78(healthy), and my HDL went up to 53. I was also able to lower my dose of thyroid medication. My vitamin D is still a little low, but I attribute that to the winter. I also have been feeding my children similar to my diet with the addition of sourdough bread. I have seen a huge improvement in their attention (we homeschool). My child with dysgraphia/dyslexia has made huge improvements to writing/reading as well. The one food I do allow myself that isn't on her list is chocolate(75% or higher) or cocoa. I have not had any problems with it. I have on occasion eaten other foods off the diet and my pain symptoms would return within 24hours. I think this diet has to be a lifetime commitment, but if you have serious problems, it is worth the trouble.

  • Dave_0512 - Kindle Fire UNFRIENDLY

    I cannot believe that Amazon doesn't have the NABRE in a Kindle Fire friendly format. For that matter the same is true of the Kindle edition of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. These two e-books are the bread and butter of any Catholic and especially those of us in ministry, With all the promotion given to the Fire I was so surprised to find that these in-demand e-books are not in sync with the Fire. PLEASE Amazon...let's remedy this problem ASAP.

  • Joy in WY - Best Polish Ever

    I do Stained Glass and Metal Embossing. I was working with brass came on a set of windows. The brass didn't look good as it was dull and I could see some tarnish on it. I tried the cleaner I had but it still didn't look like brass should. I ordered some "Never Dull" and I couldn't believe how nice and shiny and clear of any marks it was. I also used "Never Dull" on the glass and it was so clean and clear I couldn't believe it as I've always had to fight with trying to get the glass, brass and solder seams crystal clear and shiny. I recommend "Never Dull" as it was easy to use, and it saved me a lot of time cleaning my glass and metals.

  • D. Graves - Why does this now have over 4 THOUSAND negative reviews?

    The Flex is fairly good - IF you understand its limitations. And it has a lot of them. This is a 1.0 version, the first wrist-based tracker Fitbit has produced. There are good reasons why there are so many negative reviews of the Flex. I strongly suggest that you wait for the technology to be refined by Fitbit (and others) before spending $100 or more on this.