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  • http://www.fertility-health.com/fertility-diet.html A fertility diet can help both partners - Learn how a fertility diet can help re-balance hormones that are essential for our reproductive health. The foods we consume play a larger role than you may realize!
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  • Illy - I love the new temporal thermometer technology

    I love the new temporal thermometer technology. I’m an ER nurse and we are using them more and more in the hospital. They so wonderful and not invasive at all and they can be used on all ages. Research is showing that they are accurate compared to other methods. It doesn’t get any better than that. This is my second temporal thermometer, this one is solely to keep in my the kids bathroom. My other one is the Exergen temporal that I got at Costco. I will briefly talk about temporal thermometers in general, then this particular one compared to Exergen.

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