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  • Tyler Ann - Worked Great At First

    My husband came home with this vacuum and I wasn't thrilled but when I saw the great job it did on the rugs and furniture I was so happy. We have 3 long haired cats and a puppy in the house. That makes alot of hair that no other vacuum has ever touched. The little turbine brush worked great on the furniture. That is the only thing that has ever cleaned the couch and chairs. We were excited that finally our floors and furniture would be clean. The excitement didn't last too long. It lasted until the 3rd time we used the brush and it died.

  • Lacey - ... seen results in my forehead where I have a fine line/expression line

    After just a week I have seen results in my forehead where I have a fine line/expression line. The bottle isn't big and therefore it may seem pricy to some, but it's definitely cheaper than what your dermatologist will charge... Trust me! This didn't break me out, but it did take a few weeks for my skin to adjust. At first it was a little red/burned. That's normal when using retinal for the first time. I simply put this on every other day and then put my usual night cream on top.

  • Butterflypdx - Vitanica

    I started using this as a reccomendation from my Naturopath. I have Hashimotos and PCOS and so far its seems to be helping me have a cycle. They are still far from regular but its only been 2 months so I have good hopes.

  • Jenny L. Cuykendall - Sadly, it doesn't work

    It DOESN'T work. I have been working on fitness, lost 18 pounds prior to using this product. I decided to try it to help me lose that last 5-6 pounds of vanity weight. Before using it, I had steady loss- 1-2 pounds per week. Once I started using it, I hit a wall and did not drop any weight. I decided to continue using it, after all, this can happen from time to time with any diet/exercise program. I did not change my eating/exercise, and after another 2 weeks using Thermofit, I gained 4 pounds. I immediately stopped using Thermofit and went back to my regular routine without it. It took 3 weeks to get back to where I was prior to using this product.

  • Kathi Porter - Clean looking, well made, perfect fit

    Purchased DEF Aluminum Cap to replace the stock plastic one on my 2015 Eco-Diesel, perfect fit as advertised. Shipped fast, happy customer. Thank You

  • shawn flores - Great mats. Heaps better than the factory all weather offering

    Perfect fit. Would have been better if the driver side mat covered the dead pedal. Also, it would have been great if the mats had some friction material at the bottom to help hold them in place.