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Faces and Voices of Recovery - South Africa - FAVOR SA works to celebrate the achievements of people in recovery from addiction, in order to: Encourage others to follow their example; End discrimination against people in recovery; Gain support from public health authorities for better treatment programmes.

  • http://www.favor.org.za/funding.php About FAVOR - Funding - FACES AND VOICES OF RECOVERY S.A. relies entirely on donor funding and the fundraising efforts of its fellowship of members. If you wish to help, anonymously or otherwise, please Join Us today! FAVOR SA has been recognised as a Public Benefit Organisation and is therefore tax-exempted. Donations to the organisation will be tax deductible in the hands of the donors.

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  • Jenny A. Jacobo - Works, not Perfect but does work

    i wish I had a video to show but video did not upload properly... Any how, Our dog Peanut, was found on the streets last year. Since we had him it took him 4 months to be able to walk into our living room from our bedroom. We are not able to walk him on a leash during the day so our balcony is his restroom with grass. =)

  • Priscilla DiNatale - gets you ready for the exam

    Our daughter needed this for the nursing entrance exam & made 100 on math & 96 on a different section the first time she took the test. So I would say this was worth it

  • Cynthia Peterson - Very cute shoes with nice arch support

    Very cute shoes with nice arch support. I wanted to love these but for some reason they were too narrow through my footbed and hurt the outside of my foot after I wore them for awhile. I think they would work great for people with less quirky feet.

  • Jillian - Must try best hair color and worth it!

    Amazing hair color! I am so impressed how shiny the color is and not a color i would normally pick dark brown, i did the online question and told them no red, first time in a long time, there is no red tones. I love the service. Very friendly and talk by phone or email for questions and concerns. For me i love the Aveda salon but having a little one hard to make it there and sit with him there for three hours or so... I have tried boxed color many before too and normally not happy with them.I have reordered already and order the hair products too!