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Hattie Duke - Gafas de sol y fashion pills - Aquí encontrarás gafas de sol de calidad a un precio increíble y accesorios de moda con mucho estilo y personalidad. Descúbrelos!

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  • Maria Amezcua - High performance for price

    Great reel especially for the price. I fish 2-3 times a week plus weekends. I have no complaints at all and I am thinking of buying another one. Very smooth in casting and retrieving. Very happy with this purchase.

  • Yoga Essentials - Nice product

    I bought the shampoo after using the alopecia treatment. The shampoo does not create a big lather however your hair feels clean and sleek. Don't forget to shake the bottle before each use. My hair is so thin after all the recent hair shedding. After using the shampoo a few times I have noticed less hair falling out in the shower. Loosing my hair is so stressful and embarrassing. If you are looking for a solution to help with the thinning I recommend this to ANYONE.

  • J & B - Did not work after 2 months of use...

    Before using this mask I had moderate cystic acne (about 4 or 5 at a time on my face). When I started using it I began breaking out ALOT, getting 8-9 cysts on my face. I assumed I was going through the purging period and continued using the mask 2-3 times a day. After a month I was still breaking out bad and had around 10-12 pimples on my face and also now had 7-8 red marks left behind from the constant breakouts. I kept telling myself it would get better and that I must be purging still and would be one of those cases that takes longer to clear. I kept using this product for another month until I finally gave up hope that it was going to work. After using for 2 months I am now left with 15-20 red marks (hyperpigmentation) and 5-6 deeper scars, along with 5-6 active pimples (the cystic type) and 2-3 whiteheads!!!

  • UmFrumBahstin - Great Entertainment Investment For The Kids

    Comes in two very heavy boxes. Reading the instructions was a little bit confusing and caused me to break it down and start over on the trampoline and netting. I think that was my fault though. Word to the wise, make sure that you line up the netting correctly or it will not latch onto the poles properly. : )

  • L.M. in Texas - It installed easily and smoothly on my Windows 7 operating system

    It installed easily and smoothly on my Windows 7 operating system. You can create your own player profile and the preferences offer playing in full screen, or not full screen. I was surprised at the many games on the disk. There are multiple poker games, such as Texas Hold 'em; draw poker, 5 and 7 card stud, and more. The casino games include pai gow poker, roulette, blackjack, and many more. Also, the slot machine games include single or multiple line play with many different slots to pick from, and you can select the dollar amount you want to play. You can also play video poker and other video slot-type games. After you create your player, you're given $5,000 to start the game. If you lose it, you must take a 'loan' that require being paid back. If you get totally wiped-out, you can always create another player and start fresh with another $5,000. This was well worth the money!

  • FNP in NC - Good choice for the course...

    Great book. Cuts right to the chase. Easy to read. Explains codes and rules in a variety of ways so you "get it." Little quizzes along the way in the book help you build your skills and confidence!

  • Amazon Customer - big waste of money

    After reading the reviews I anxiously awaited the "miracle" part of Natures Miracle. Well after 2 full gallons applied all at once to my area rug (where my two little dogs had been peeing on the sly), you can imagine my disappointment when the odor only intensified. Now I had been seeing this comment in the reviews so I patiently awaited 3 more days before risking a close nose sniff. A close nose sniff was not necessary however as my whole house now reeked of old urine. So much for miracle... after reading more in depth I found that the natures miracle name had been sold and the new owner of the company name had changed the formulation, rendering it ineffective.