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  • AmbitiousK - Self explanatory!!!!!

    the product does what it suppose to do..no complaints...overall great product and its useful on multiple computers which is a plus

  • V. Bhimani - Best screen protector

    I was not a big fan of screen protector after gorilla glass arrived. My impression was that they mess up authentic look of screen. On top of that bubbles under screen protector spoil visual effects. This protector proved me wrong. Very easy to install, no bubbles, perfect fit. I liked round edge of screen protector.

  • Amazon Customer - Will never go back from Mechanical

    Was hesitant about switching from nice wireless Logitech to mechanical, but when I started typing on the keyboard, I was in love. Improves typing and the color effects are also. Product came in new condition and right on time!!

  • Nielsen family - Love it!

    The light arrived on time. I was very excited to plug it in. It lit up my kitchen with a thousand beams of light. My husband and I took it outside that night and turned it on to shine on the house. It looks amazing. I have read other laser light reviews where people have recommended getting two lights for a large house. I have a 2 story light colored house that sits about an acre away from the road. One light is enough for me. I thought it might not be bright enough to see from the road but my husband walked the whole driveway and said you can see it just great. The beams of light do not really move but they twinkle on and off giving a nice effect. I think this light will look great in the snow. This will be a great option to hanging lights from the roof. If you want to be the splash of color in your neighborhood this season, buy this light.

  • T. Cochran - Acronis True Image Home 2010 does not work well with Windows7 Ultimate X64

    I have been unable to get any backups to work without "Disk Full" error message's popping up. I have to sit in front of computer and keep replying "ignore" to everything for it to work. It even tells me that my 1TB usb drive is full even when it is empty. Also tried usb thumb drives with same result. It just does not work well with Windows7 Ultimate x64. This will be the last version I will ever buy. It's been out for almost 6 months without any fixes and if you want support you have to pay $$$ for it. I'm going to stick with the built in Windows7 backup at least that works.

  • Russell R. Corrie - At last, a shaving cream that works!

    This is the best shaving cream I have ever used. I got hooked on it about a year ago and cannot go back. While the price is high for shaving cream, if you want the perfect shave, it's well worth it. Excellent product!

  • Jessica Weissman - Saves me a few minutes a day looking for my keys

    I am very good at misplacing my keys, and often spend minutes in the morning looking for them and thus missing the early bus. I've attached this little jobbie to my keychain, installed the iPhone app, and have had good luck so far in finding the keys. What follows is based on brief experience. I will update if warranted.