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ENA - CCP/CAP(70€) Formação de Formadores - A Escola de Negócios e Administração situada em Vila Nova de Gaia/Porto, oferece-lhe o CCP - Curso de Formação Pedagógica Inicial de Formadores desde 70€ (curso homologado pelo IEFP).

Country:, Europe, PT

City: -9.1394 , Portugal

  • Hello Nana - A must-have for

    My husband is constantly looking for ways to chill warm bottles of wine - he's tried everything on the market. This is the first product that worked, as it was intended, and it does it well. I specifically bought him this one because it also does cans of beer and soda. He's had it for 2 months now and used it a dozen times or so. Well worth the money.

  • Roger A. Hardy - Could not be happier

    I was concerned about security with this topper, simply because of the hand tightened clamps that hold it down. I figured the velcro type attaching to bolt on rails would be more secure. However, after watching videos on each, I realized the velcro type could simply be lifted off and offered little or no security. This tri fold model fits snugly and securely and I cannot possibly lift the middle or reach inside.