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  • JustReading - Very helpful, but not the best to me

    I used this book several years ago to help me get direction in life once I got out of college and actually had to act on the age-old question of "what do you want to be when you grow up?"! In 2010 I am revisiting this classic. And I am giving it 4 stars because the newest edition is definitely still jammed full of useful advice about career choices and the job search process. HOWEVER, this book has the same flaws as the older versions: it is too long and too scattershot in its approach. The book has way too many charts/diagrams/grids - many of which you must complete, including the "Flower Diagram." I don't know about you, but I don't particularly want to spend hours on end working through a career book and drawing diagrams.... SO I greatly prefer Scott Smith's "FIND YOUR PERFECT JOB." It is MUCH more concise and easier to use while still being jammed full of useful advice. FYPJ's "Perfect Job Profile" accomplishes much more quickly what 300+ pages of Bolles' book tries to do. And if you are a young professional then FYPJ is specifically tailored for you (it includes very interesting info on business and law school programs, two areas that Parachute has no information on). 

  • Alex M - great gives you lands for a new player and 4 ...

    great gives you lands for a new player and 4 booster packs, only had about 5 cards with another single duplicate, i might even buy another one for my brother so he can also get into the game.

  • Amazon Customer - totally blown away

    VR is the future and this is the first major step to mass marketability. I'm surprised at how immersive of an experience PSVR is. Rush of blood scared me like no real haunted house ever has. London Heist was extremely fun and satisfying and then theres Arkham VR where you get to be Batman! Even though there were some slight calibration issues at times that took away a little from the immersion, I'm very impressed with what Sony was able to deliver.