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Medicare Insurance-Compare Medicare Plans Online or Call Us Toll Free - Free no obligation quote and compare Medicare Insurance Plans including Advantage (Part C), Prescription Drug (Part D), and Supplement (Medigap) plans.

  • http://www.ehealthmedicare.com/medicare-part-c-advantage/ Get Medicare Advantage Plan Quotes - Find Medicare Part C Coverage - Learn about Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) plans offered by private insurance companies, plus when and how you can enroll in Medicare Advantage.
  • http://www.ehealthmedicare.com/medicare-part-d-prescription/ Get Medicare Part D Plan Quotes - Find Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Coverage - Learn about Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage (Medicare Part D) plans from leading insurers.
  • http://www.ehealthmedicare.com/about-medicare/ Facts About Medicare - Read a quick, informative overview of Medicare benefits. Learn about Medicare Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D.
  • http://www.ehealthmedicare.com/about-medicare/original-medicare/ Original Medicare, Part A and Part B - Understand what Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B are and what health coverage you'll receive with Original Medicare.
  • http://www.ehealthmedicare.com/medicare-by-state/ Find Low-Cost Medicare Plans by State - Understand how Medicare works and find competitively priced Medicare health insurance plans that are available in your state from our website today.
  • http://www.ehealthmedicare.com/about-medicare/caregivers/ Medicare Information for Caregivers - Find information for Medicare caregivers to help them make the best health care decisions for loved ones covered by Medicare.
  • http://www.ehealthmedicare.com/about-medicare/eligibility/ Medicare Eligibility - Qualifying for Medicare - Learn more about eligibility rules and qualifying for Original Medicare (Part A and B), Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Part D (prescription drug plans).
  • http://www.ehealthmedicare.com/about-medicare/coverage/ Medicare Coverage: Benefits Covered by Medicare - If you are on Medicare, you may be wondering what does Medicare cover? Learn about Medicare coverage of some common health needs.
  • http://www.ehealthmedicare.com/about-medicare/application/ Applying for Medicaid: How to Complete a Medicaid Application - Get useful pointers on how to fill out your Medicaid application. Also learn about how to renew your Medicaid application to maintain your membership.
  • http://www.ehealthmedicare.com/medicare-part-d-prescription/low-income-subsidy/ Low-Income Subsidy -- Medicare Extra Help Program - Those with limited income may qualify for Medicare Extra Help, which offers a low-income subsidy to help pay for prescription drugs.
  • http://www.ehealthmedicare.com/about-medicare/enrollment/ Medicare Enrollment: How and When to Enroll in Medicare - Be sure to understand how and when to apply for Medicare in order not to miss your Medicare enrollment period. Learn about eligibility and important dates.
  • http://www.ehealthmedicare.com/about-medicare/enrollment/annual-election/ The Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP) - Learn about the Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP) and when you can make changes to your Medicare coverage to suit your needs.
  • http://www.ehealthmedicare.com/about-medicare/enrollment/general-enrollment/ Medicare General Enrollment Period - Enrolling in Medicare can only be done during certain time periods. Learn about the Medicare General Enrollment Period and late-enrollment penalties.
  • http://www.ehealthmedicare.com/about-medicare/enrollment/initial-enrollment/ Medicare Initial Enrollment Period - Find out when your Medicare Initial Enrollment begins and start receiving health insurance coverage as soon as you become eligible.
  • http://www.ehealthmedicare.com/about-medicare/enrollment/special-enrollment/ Medicare Special Enrollment Period - You may enroll in Medicare during the Medicare Special Enrollment Period if you meet certain criteria. Learn more about IEP, GEP, and SEP.
  • http://www.ehealthmedicare.com/apply-for-medicare/when/ When to Apply for Medicare - eHealth Medicare - If you're approaching age 65, you may be wondering when to apply for Medicare. Learn about automatic enrollment and Medicare enrollment periods.
  • http://www.ehealthmedicare.com/about-medicare/claims-and-reimbursement/ Medicare Claims - Reimbursement for Medicare Costs - Find out when you need to file your own Medicare claims to receive Medicare reimbursement.
  • http://www.ehealthmedicare.com/about-medicare/savings-programs/ Medicare Savings Programs: Four Options to Help with Medicare Costs - Learn about Medicare Savings Programs, and find out if you are eligible to get help with Medicare costs.
  • http://www.ehealthmedicare.com/medicare-tax/ Medicare Tax - Tax Rate Structure - The Medicare tax applies to all individuals who work in the U.S. and now includes the Additional Medicare Tax, which affects high-wage earners.
  • http://www.ehealthmedicare.com/about-medicare/avoiding-fraud/ Avoid and Report Medicare Fraud and Abuse - As a Medicare beneficiary, you may find yourself a victim of Medicare fraud or abuse. Here are ways to identify fraud, and avoid it.
  • http://www.ehealthmedicare.com/about-medicare/your-medicare-card/ Getting and Replacing Your Medicare Card - Learn how to apply for a Medicare card when you are first eligible for Medicare and how to replace your card if it is lost, stolen, or damaged.
  • http://www.ehealthmedicare.com/about-medicare/faq/ Medicare FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions About Medicare - These pages answer frequently asked questions about Medicare such as eligibility, enrollment, coverage, benefits, costs, and payments.
  • http://www.ehealthmedicare.com/about-medicare/government-resources/ Medicare Resources from Government Websites - Are you looking for Medicare information? Discover Medicare resources on U.S. government websites.
  • http://www.ehealthmedicare.com/about-us/ About Us - eHealth Medicare - Shopping for a private Medicare plan doesn't have to be a chore. Let eHealth help you find the right plan at the right cost with the right benefits for you.

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