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  • http://www.ebnhealth.com/index.php/case-studies/the-knf EBN Health | Case Studies | The KNF Overview - How EBN Healthcare made the digital Kazakhstan National Formulary (KNF) to improve healthcare across the country
  • http://www.ebnhealth.com/index.php/case-studies/the-knf/start-knf EBN Health | Case Studies | The KNF | How did the KNF Start? - How the Kazakhstan National Formulary (KNF) was started, working with the World Bank and chosing EBN Health
  • http://www.ebnhealth.com/index.php/case-studies/the-knf/create-knf EBN Health | Case Studies | The KNF | Creating the KNF - The process of creating the Kazakhstan National Formulary (KNF) by EBN Health using the ATC classification system on a digital platform
  • http://www.ebnhealth.com/index.php/case-studies/the-knf/future-knf EBN Health | Case Studies | The KNF | Making the KNF work for Kazakhstan - Communicating the Kazakhstan National Formulary, training the healthcare professionals and updating the KNF into the future
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  • Amazon Customer - Gorilla Glue Rules!

    As a fan of Gorilla tape, I had high hopes for this product -- and I wasn't disappointed! My brother leaned on my towel bar and knocked one end off the wall...you know the kind: ceramic holders on both ends with a connector bar to hold the towels. Since the ceramic holder was affixed to drywall, a big chunk of the wall also came off. I read all the reviews of adhesives for this type of task and chose carefully. I followed the instructions of dampening both surfaces before applying a small amount of glue (it expands). Result is that the towel bar is now firmly re-affixed to the wall, and you would be hard pressed to know that a repair had been made. Once again, Gorilla to the rescue!

  • Heather Dodson - nice product

    Plumps well, I love the light pink color of "Kim". I only wish it moisturized better, and I'm a little concerned because my tube didn't come with an overwrap or seal of any sort...I would but it again but I just hope the next one I get it sealed so I know it hasn't been opened.

  • soldiers - flea buster

    It's now a year later. The product worked very well and I attacked on all fronts simultaineously and had success. Only when I had my carpet cleaned did it get no longer work. But the instructions will tell you this. I will use this again 'cause the beast has brought some in and is being attacked. Again it's all fronts. It's still hard for me to do this because I've become a codger and some of the funiture I can't move and that's when I use spray. But I highly recommend this product it's a bit messy but worth the effort. I did my carpet in two doses because I was impatient (not that I think a double dose made a difference)

  • Jane L. - connection was really bad and headset became useless

    I've been using this headset since they came out into the market. When I changed my phone from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6, connection was really bad and headset became useless. I searched for a new headset but nothing came close to the experience when this headset was working properly. After a year of not heaving a Bluetooth headset, I decided to purchase this unit again and test it out.

  • M. Hannon - When I had the line work done on my lower back I quickly determined the pain was pretty much the worst ever

    I just finished up a 17 hour tattoo that winds down my back. When I had the line work done on my lower back I quickly determined the pain was pretty much the worst ever....and I birthed my kids at home. I used HUSH for the color and finish of the lower back and it was like night and day. Some parts I only felt mild pressure and other parts were "normal" tattoo pain. Totally worth every penny and I'll use it again in sensitive areas!!

  • Amazon Customer - Do NOT drink this - it's not just "fruits and veggies".

    This product is dangerous for many reasons. 1) It is mostly soy. Major estrogen going on here, with major effects. 2) It contains both meadowsweet and willow bark, both of which are essentially aspirin. Are YOU ready to go on an aspirin regime without knowing it, or telling your doctor? (Also aspirin is dangerous for kids, and I know people are putting this in their kids drinks). I asked my it works rep how much of those are in there, and she didn't know, so she contacted the company. THEY WOULDN'T TELL HER because it was proprietary. So not only are you drugging yourself, you have no idea the dosage. (Goldenseal is in this too, which can affect medication absorption). I knew more about every single ingredient in there than the rep did, she was like "Really? Herbs have side effects? " 3) Super disgusting. Avoid at all costs.

  • kunderlin - Exuviance evening restorative complex

    This is one of many great products made by Exuviance. I notice a difference in the feel of my skin from using their products. Have been using for two months and can not imagine not using these products. This one is no exception. I recommend to my friends who compliment my skin (at least once a day). People say my skin is radiant.