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  • K. Halloran - Like the end result but bit pricey

    The TacTrap and SkeeterVac are good products. Work well only negative I can give it is it is like buying cartridges for a printer, gets pricey with the materials needed to keep it running. Great for special occasions and you need to get rid of the mosquitos without using chemicals.

  • averyclevergirl - Just another predictable love story/almost forensic

    Save your reading time. The author doesn't get into police work or forensics. If you like rich hero's chasing after their girl, this book is for you.

  • Conangib - WOW... Really surprised.

    I have been thru them all since the straight razor and thought four blades had reached perfection. Only bought to try because of the price... but much better than the other. Smooth, close shave, and feels comfortable in your hand. Yes, Cheaper than the other guy who is ripping everyone off, but it is also a much better shave. Hope this is not a lost leader and quality doesn't drop... but try this special and be surprised. They have a winner with this one.

  • Terese - The most perfect little invention!

    I have been living with arthritis pain in my hip for at least the last 3 years. It had gotten so progressed that I had sharp pain radiating down my leg and up into my lower back in increasing severity for quite awhile. I just got this device yesterday. I ran in at each of levels through full 15 minutes cycles in various places on my leg and lower back, last night and this morning. It is amazing! While I still felt the same stiffness when getting up the pain was much less noticeable and I was able to get myself walking less painfully and more often today. I am going to use this everyday! Highly recommend.

  • Randall A. Robinson - Lucas works, Motor Purr works faster

    I used Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak in the '94 Jeep Cherokee I had a few years ago. Over a few weeks, it gradually stopped the leak. Years earlier, I had a '78 Ford Fairmont with power rack & pinion with a leak that brought an estimate of $600 for a rack overhaul. I bought a bottle of Motor Purr power steering stop leak and it stopped the leak in a few days with no adverse side effects and the leak stayed stopped until I sold the car a long while later. Both the Lucas and Motor Purr fluids are thick and red. I don't know if the ingredients are the same for the two. Both are good products, but I'd give Lucas four stars and Motor Purr five stars. This is because Motor Purr acted more quickly.

  • Michael C. - Look No Further!

    Very impressive. The pictures do not do this justice. Craftsman ship of the leather and the smooth finish feels great. I can tell that no corners were cut. The bi-folds on the back for watching a movies or stand it up work very well. The fit of my tablet into the cover is remarkable. That saying that it "fits like a glove" holds true. As you can tell extremely happy and definitely satisfied with my purchase. I will look for more products from this seller. With out a doubt a great buy.

  • chris - Easy to install

    Easy to install . Perfect fit . Love the look and I use chemicals guys plastic restorer to shine the plastic because it's not painted and it looks great