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Drug Driving Laws in the UK - Drugdriving.org.uk - It is a criminal offence to drive with certain specified legal & illegal drugs in your system, that exceed the statutory legal limit of that drug.

  • http://www.drugdriving.org.uk/drug-driving-limit.php Drug Driving Limits UK – Drugdriving.org.uk - Find out what the maximum legal drug driving limit is for specified drugs in England and Wales, UK.
  • http://www.drugdriving.org.uk/drug-driving-defence.php Drug Driving Defence – Drugdriving.org.uk - Legal defence for driving or being in charge of a motor vehicle while exceeding the legal drug limits.
  • http://www.drugdriving.org.uk/drug-driving-insurance.php Drug Driving Insurance Quotes – Drugdriving.org.uk - Insurance for convicted drug drivers & drivers with other convictions & endorsements. Compare insurance quotes today.
  • http://www.drugdriving.org.uk/legal-advice.php Free Legal Advice – Drugdriving.org.uk - Obtain free advice from a fully qualified & experienced solicitor-advocate specialising in road traffic drug driving laws.
  • http://www.drugdriving.org.uk/police-procedure.php Drug Driving Police Procedure – Drugdriving.org.uk - Overview of the police procedure in drug driving related cases in England and Wales, UK.

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