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Dr. Phyllis Books | Where Heart & Neuroscienc Meet | Books Neural Therapy™| Dyslexia Treatments to Reverse Dyslexia Naturally - Author of Reversing Dyslexia and cutting-edge healer, Dr. Books changes lives worldwide. She specializes in learning disabilities, ADHD, behavior, cognitive

  • http://www.drphyllisbooks.com/about-dr-books/ About Dr. Books | Dr. Phyllis Books - A specialist who reverses dyslexia, Dr. Phyllis Books has the heart of a mother, the brain of a scientist, and the soul of a wise elder.
  • http://www.drphyllisbooks.com/books-neural-therapy/ What is Books Neural Therapy? | Dr. Phyllis Books - Dr. Books has developed a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating the latest advances in neuroscience, to improve the neurological deficits which often
  • http://www.drphyllisbooks.com/books-neural-therapy/what-is-bnt/ What is BNT? | Dr. Phyllis Books - Dr. Phyllis Books’ well-documented, systematic technique that improves, and often reverses, the neurological deficits accompanying learning disabilities and
  • http://www.drphyllisbooks.com/neural-freedom/ Dr Phyllis Books, of Austin, Tx. offers Neural Freedom programs with Neuroscience | Dr. Phyllis Books - Neural Freedom is about freeing the human spirit and unleashing the greatness that lies dormant and waiting deep inside you. It’s about discovering the reasons
  • http://www.drphyllisbooks.com/events/ Upcoming Events, Community Screenings, Lectures, & Classes with Dr. Phyllis Books | Dr. Phyllis Books - Find out what is happening at Books Family Health Center. Dr. Phyllis Books, dyslexia, ADHD and learning difficulties expert, and champion for children.
  • http://www.drphyllisbooks.com/success-stories/ Testimonials for Books Neural Therapy™, and Dr. Phyllis Books | Dr. Phyllis Books - Reverse Dyslexia and ADHD with Books Neural Therapy™(BNT) and the Dyslexia Reversal System--The BNT Parents Home Program. More than just accommodations, these
  • http://www.drphyllisbooks.com/free-stuff/ Free Stuff | Dr. Phyllis Books - Dr. Phyllis Books offers many free resources to get you started in your journey to wellness. Parents and professionals can choose from videos series,
  • http://www.drphyllisbooks.com/contact/ Contact | Dr. Phyllis Books - LOCATION: Call Main Office Phone:(512) 331-0668 Address: 12412 Mossy Bark Trail, Austin, TX 78750 Email: [email protected] Download Client Forms
  • http://www.drphyllisbooks.com/blog/ Dr Phyllis Books' Blog | Dr. Phyllis Books - Health tips and Articles to see if you or a family member shows signs of dyslexia, and then find out how it can be reversed naturally, without drugs.
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  • http://www.drphyllisbooks.com/reversing-dyslexia/ Reversing Dyslexia: Improving Learning and Behavior Without Drugs by Dr. Phyllis Books | Dr. Phyllis Books - Reversing Dyslexia begins by redefining dyslexia, offering the most comprehensive view of this problem yet. It sets up the framework for figuring out just what
  • http://www.drphyllisbooks.com/books-neural-therapy/what-is-bnt/symptoms/ Symptoms | Dr. Phyllis Books - Learning disability symptoms include Difficulty with reading, writing or math Delayed auditory Response (frequently asks to repeat a word or phrase) Poor sense
  • http://www.drphyllisbooks.com/books-family-health-center/services/dyslexia-learning-disabilities-ld-and-adhd/ Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities (LD), and ADHD Treatments | Dr. Phyllis Books - Dr. Books has been helping children and adults with dyslexia, learning disabilties and ADHD/ADD since 1986 with dyslexia treatments and ADHD treatments.
  • http://www.drphyllisbooks.com/books-family-health-center/services/treatment-of-mild-head-injuries/ Treatment of Mild Head Injuries | Dr. Phyllis Books - Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and concussions are one of the most misdiagnosed and mishandled health concerns in both children and adults.
  • http://www.drphyllisbooks.com/books-family-health-center/services/tmj-jaw-joint-relief/ TMJ – Jaw Joint Relief | Dr. Phyllis Books - “TMJ” stands for temporal mandibular joint or the jaw joint. Sometimes people with this problem hear a click when they open and close their mouth. Sometimes
  • http://www.drphyllisbooks.com/books-family-health-center/services/allergy-elimination-naet/ Allergy Elimination (NAET) | Dr. Phyllis Books - Eliminate allergies with NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique), a completely natural way of strengthening the body so it no longer responds to the
  • http://www.drphyllisbooks.com/books-family-health-center/services/migraine-relief/ Migraine Relief | Dr. Phyllis Books - Utilizing general cranial sacral therapy, non-force chiropractic and energetic balancing, as well as thoroughly investigating possible allergy and hormonal
  • http://www.drphyllisbooks.com/reversing-dyslexia-day-camp/ Reversing Dyslexia Day Camp | Dr. Phyllis Books - Wanted: Dyslexic children between the ages of 7-18. Make this the “Turn Around Summer!” Turn your dyslexia around and see how fun and easy learning can be

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  • Michelle Gonzales-Shiver - Full Healthy Lawn

    I planted this grass seed in the fall and by the spring I had a nice green healthy lawn. I used starter fertilizer when I planted it. Good product. Does good in full sun.

  • Christina Crumsey - They are fun to do and I enjoyed doing this with him ...

    Got these to go with the cordnating book for my nephew. It came with 10 stickers on top of what the book already came with. They are fun to do and I enjoyed doing this with him and he really liked doing them. They are easy to match and read. It's fun and somewhat educational.

  • Melissa - No more sore throats!

    Had it for about a week & it works magic! I'm usually a hard sleeper, literally anything that I put on my head comes right off overnight. But this stayed on all through the night & morning. Worked great. Usually I wake up every morning with a sore throat because of snoring or sleeping with my mouth open but when I wear this and wake up in the morning my throat feels much much better than other mornings! I recommend this product for sure.

  • Andrew D. Rodney - Extremely pleased!

    I did a lot of research on steam mops here on Amazon and elsewhere. I was ready to purchase the highly rated Eureka Enviro in large part due to the Aug 2009 review by Chandler. But that review is somewhat dated, this SI-70 is newer I believe. I was also concerned about the size of the Eureka mop head. I think it is important that the head swivel and in this case, the HAAN does an excellent job of getting into areas I suspect would be impossible for the Eureka. I also wanted a unit I could use as a stand-alone steamer. My past experience with Steam was a rather old and inexpensive unit called Steam Buddy or something like that. It did a reasonable job on the floors and as a standalone. But the HAAN is vastly superior.

  • John W. Wagonis - Undecided as whether I should switch to it.

    I have been researching an alternative to QuickBooks Pro2013. I have used QB since 2000, and have become extremely discontent with it. Today a program bug erased many of customer credit card numbers. Just randomly erased the fields, but only for some customers. Tech support wants to charge me to fix it. And I can guarantee that Level 1 Support can't fix it. I seem to know more than every Level 1tech I have spoken to over the years. Sage50 in reviews comes out even with QB. But it seems that if I want to process credit cards in the software, I have to purchase an additional modul. And probably have to pay year to year for it. So sage50 can easily become much more expensive than QB with no guarantee that it will be less buggy. After reading a few reviews about it on Amazon, my little voice is telling me not to do it. Especially if their support is that pig-headed.