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DrCherifa | Health - According to Healthline: you have a a single in seven (14.2%) likelihood of creating diabetes if a single of your parents was diagnosed ahead of age 50, a a

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  • Amazon Customer - Missing Pieces of Product

    I'm really disappointed that not all parts were in the box. I got 4 of the 11 pieces!! The brushes, the oil and the 4 blades covers were NOT included. I'm always questioning myself when I buy from Amazon, and hate myself when I get duped! The product was marked NEW and showed all contents that should have been in box BUT not so lucky!!! 

  • Old Codger - Best hard drive backup on the planet!

    Had a catastrophic failure and loss of my system and reloaded Windows on a fresh disc, loaded Novastor, which I had been using for backups for years, and It told me that I had to purchase an upgrade since my current version had expired (News to me!). Well, I needed my system because I had a fairly recent Novastor total disc backup, so I ordered the upgrade on my wife's system, installed the downloaded new Novastor on my system' and mounted the backup disc and proceeded to restore my system. KABOOM! The new version did not recognize the old version's backup. I emailed Novastor about the problem and tried various scenarios they suggested for 2 days and nothing worked. After 2 days, Novastor stopped answering my requests for help.

  • ronessha butler - works fast and last

    I got LivRelief Ultra Strength Natural Pain Relief Cream and could hardly wait to try it. I have problems with my lower back and knees and with this weather we have been having, I have been having more pain than I would like to have. I noticed right away that it did not have you typical menthol smell that most pain creams have. I like that it did not have the menthol smell because then it didn't interfere with my perfume and I could wear it anytime during the day and not just at night and nobody would know that I was wearing it. There is also nor greasy feeling after the cream is applied. This natural pain relief cream has powerful natural anti-inflammatory molecules and rich antioxidants. After I rubbed it in, I noticed in about 15 minutes that this was going to work wonder for me because it was working already. My back was feeling so much better. With other brands, I don't start to get any relief for at least an hour. I kid you not, this started working in 15 minutes. This is the best pain relief cream I have ever had. This cream has a money back guarantee if you are not 100 % satisfied. This cream is a great product. Receive this product for my honest review from pinchme # gotitfree

  • Amazon Customer - just perfect

    I've been using this for a while and always pleased with the high quality. Just perfect. Highly recommend to anyone.