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Accueil - La Luminaille | Domaine & Gîte - Le Domaine de La Luminaille se situe à Rasteau, entre les vignes et les Dentelles de Montmirail

Country:, Europe, FR

City: 2.3387 , France

  • Amazon Customer - This product works as long as you use it correctly ...

    This product works as long as you use it correctly, refrain from use for at least two then the day of your test drink the entire bottle and then fill it with water and drink all of that too. Make sure to give it an hour and then you will have about 5 hours to pass you test.

  • F. and J. Redmond - Just what I needed

    Just got my new Floormate because I have 1,500 sq ft of tile, and soon will be adding another 1,000 sq ft when I have all my carpets replaced next month with a wood grained tile.

  • Music Is My Air - Best Album By One of Rock's Greats

    People always say DSOTM is the best Floyd record. I know what they're on about, but I disagree. The Wall, like DSOTM, perfectly captures the state of mind of the band at the time. Where in 1972 they were dreaming of stardom and musing about the state of mankind and whether or not humans could be humane, The Wall finds them paranoid, burnt out by fame and tortured by childhood demons (admittedly, mostly those of Roger Waters). In that sense, I think the albums are equal. I also think they're peers in creating and sustaining a mood and in developing themes that they revisit throughout the piece, something Floyd was expert at.

  • Brendan W Connors - Started eating my car's paint

    I was recommended this product as a way to ease removal of vinyl stickers on cars. I decided to test the spray on the paint in the engine bay first. Sprayed a bit on the paint, then wiped it off. My paint color appeared on the rag, and I saw bare metal through the thinned out pain on the car. I don't know how effective it is in removing adhesive from paint, because I won't try it on the more visible parts of the car.

  • Abby - Mixed feelings on these!

    I'm having a hard time reviewing this item because the quality of the item is inconsistent. The first time I ordered these, I loved them. They work great for removing the vellus hairs on my face and my skin feels so smooth and heavenly after I use them. The 2nd time I ordered them however, the plastic edges near the blades were ragged and would scratch my face because they stuck out where the razor needs to be against your face. It was a very unpleasant experience and all 3 in the package had the same defect. I have not reordered them since because I am afraid it will happen again. I may decide to give them another shot in the future just because I liked them so much the first time and my electronic facail shaver doesn't shave nearly as close to give me that heavenly soft skin on my face. I will update to 5 stars if I order again and the razors are not defected.