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Dollard Print and Packaging Dublin - Manufacturers of Printed Folding cartons and packaging, Ireland - Dollard Print and Packaging manufacture high quality printed cartons, boxes, sleeves and packaging for the food, healthcare and other industries. ISO certified.

  • http://www.dollard-packaging.ie/products/ Litho-Laminated, Food Packaging, Window Patched Cartons, Shelf Ready Packs, Popcorn Boxes - Dollard Packaging’s products include printed food and drinks cartons, presentation boxes and sleeves, window patched, waxed cartons, pre-erected containers
  • http://www.dollard-packaging.ie/products/gallery/ Gallery | Dollard Packaging - View photos of Dollard Packaging's range of high quality printed food and drinks cartons, and sleeves, including window patched, waxed and die-cut cartons
  • http://www.dollard-packaging.ie/products/carton-styles/ Carton Styles | Dollard Packaging - Dollard Packaging can produce a wide range of quality printed food and drinks cartons, see a range of our carton styles here.
  • http://www.dollard-packaging.ie/services/ Services | Dollard Packaging - Dollard Packaging's services include help with carton design and testing, through to 4 colour printing, folding and finishing in a variety of carton styles.
  • http://www.dollard-packaging.ie/services/pre-press-and-ftp/ PrePress & FTP | Dollard Packaging - Dollard Packaging's can receive your carton's artwork digitally, provide plotter samples and keylines and supply colour proofs for your final approval.
  • http://www.dollard-packaging.ie/services/ftp-site-access/ FTP Site Access | Dollard Packaging - Dollard Packaging's FTP - you can upload your carton, box or sleeve printing artwork files directly to us. Please contact us for access details.
  • http://www.dollard-packaging.ie/about-us/ About Dollard Print and Packaging - Dollard Packaging, Dublin, has been manufacturing high quality printed, folding food and drinks cartons, boxes and sleeves over thirty years.
  • http://www.dollard-packaging.ie/accreditations/ Dollard Print and Packaging Accreditations and Quality - Dollard Packaging is ISO Certified and FSC Certified. Dollard print to a very high standard and customer visits to approve printing are welcome.
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    Country:, Europe, IE

    City: -6.2595 Leinster, Ireland

  • Castle Castellano - Good stuff!

    I love the smell, and it is a great lotion....the only thing is I can't wash my hands after I put it on because I have to jump in the tanning bed!! So my hands turn orange. .otherwise love it!!

  • Suzanne - Must have time and patience to operate successfully

    This product works,but so do you. It takes quite a lot of time because of the small amount you can put in. The curls look good. You need to have a LOT of patience too. Every time I would get stressed because I was running late without fail my hair would get stuck inside and I'd have to manually rip it out. Also hair must be clean of any product or hairspray or it will get stuck inside. Plus the curls are unique so you can't stop once you start because a regular curling iron will not match these spirals.

  • Homeychick - Wrinkles be gone

    I have not used this product very long so take what I say with a grain of salt. The products appear to blurr the crows feet and somewhat lift the jaw line. I did think the tone and texture would be better after 4 weeks.

  • XXXXXX - Good for One Use Application.

    Cheap materials, priced as if its better quality but its not. $40.00 not worth it. This is basically a one use cooler for a light picnic as opposed to what a typical cooler endures like on a fishing trip or trip to the beach. Not durable, not worth the money.