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Physician Email Address Lists - DMD creates high ROI campaigns for healthcare companies and agencies by turning its 1MM physician email addresses into targeted success stories.

  • http://www.dmdconnects.com/audience-identity-management-dmd Audience Identity Manager - The biggest innovation in digital marketing since the cookie. Find out exactly who is coming to your website and do something about it.
  • http://www.dmdconnects.com/physician-email-results/physician-email-best-practices Physician Email Optimized For Results - Physician email isn't a low-end blast of product information. Best practices turn your email campaign into a turbo-charged engagement tool.
  • http://www.dmdconnects.com/physician-email-design-improvements Physician email design improvements - Improve HCP email campaign performance with proven design techniques from DMD.
  • http://www.dmdconnects.com/reach-physicians-with-email Reach Physicians with Email - DMD - To effectively reach physicians with email marketing for pharmaceutical and healthcare products and services, your usable lists need to be optimized.
  • http://www.dmdconnects.com/physician-database-consultants Physician Database and Email Consultants - DMD - DMD has deployed more than 15,000 email campaigns in the last 10 years. DMD Physician database and email consultants benchmark against proven measures.
  • http://www.dmdconnects.com/physician-targeted-email Physician Targeted Email - DMD - Physician targeted email programs require a refined business strategy. Compliance and product lifecycle priorities make accuracy and results critical.
  • http://www.dmdconnects.com/physician-database-partners Physician Database Partner - DMD - As a physician database partner, DMD has longstanding partnerships in data services, medical publishing, media buying, and medical marketing companies.
  • http://www.dmdconnects.com/industries Services by Industry - DMD serves a wide range of healthcare marketing clients, serving in a true partnership to yield the strongest results from email marketing.
  • http://www.dmdconnects.com/industries/pharmaceutical-email-campaigns Pharmaceutical Email Campaigns- DMD - DMD's deep knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry is applied to the latest developments in digital marketing and pharma email campaigns.
  • http://www.dmdconnects.com/industries/medical-marketing-agencies Medical Marketing Agencies | DMD - We bring our knowledge to your agency's doorstep: in-house analytic briefings, email channel training workshops, all mutually serving the clients we share.
  • http://www.dmdconnects.com/industries/cme-email-recruitment CME Email Recruitment - CME Email recruitment isn't what it used to be. there's more to achieving your registration goals than turning the phonebook into an email database.
  • http://www.dmdconnects.com/industries/physician-email-recruitment Email physician Recruitment-DMD - The largest HCP database allows us to source the highest quality candidates based on employer preference.
  • http://www.dmdconnects.com/industries/medical-publisher-database Medical Publisher Database - If you’re an expert in medical publishing, we’re ready to work with you to cost-effectively capitalize on your migration to digital capabilities.
  • http://www.dmdconnects.com/dmd-digital-intelligence-resources DMD digital intelligence resources - DMD provides resources and educational materials to help healthcare marketers improve HCP email campaign results
  • http://www.dmdconnects.com/webcasts DMD Intelligence Webcasts - DMD thought leaders share next generation strategies and tactics for healthcare marketing with four webcasts produced in partnership with MM&M Magazine.
  • http://www.dmdconnects.com/blog DMD Intelligence - DMD articles on email best practices and expertise to reach Physicians and Healthcare Professionals across marketing channels, with emphasis on email and HCP data
  • http://www.dmdconnects.com/physician-email-list-consultants Physician Email List Consultants - DMD - DMD's team of physician email marketing consultants have deep experience across manufacturers, agencies, & hospital systems
  • http://www.dmdconnects.com/contact Contact Physician Email List Consultants - Contact DMD for high quality physician and HCP email addresses and strategic use of HCP email to improve marketing ROI.

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  • Jewel - Fantastic Dash Cam

    Fast shipping, received the S300 in 3 days. Very easy to install, I used a spare E-ZPass velcro stickers to mount the S300 behind the rear view mirror instead of the 3M sticker pad that came with the unit. Great tech support from Ray, he answered my e-mails within 24 hours and provided options on how to get my S300 to power down whenever the engine is shut off.

  • Word Nerd - Did a glance at the cover instantly bring the theme song to mind?

    This graphic novel could turn me into a comic book geek. Classic Ghostbuster humour and a retro visual feel make this a dandy break from reality.

  • All Kinds of Books! - It was easy to assemble

    It was easy to assemble, it works GREAT, and I have not yet ever run out of power in a single use (about half an hour.) The battery pack charges up pretty quickly, too. And it doesn't seem to eat cord up like a lot of others do - I'm still on my first spool after a month (5 or 6 uses).