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    Devastating circumstances led Elizabeth’s stepfather Richard to Liam for monetary help. Needing money for his illness was imperative. The two become friends, Richard reminding Liam of his departed dad. Before Richard passed he told Liam many loving stories about his beautiful daughter which left him curious and wanting to meet her. Coming home from school for her dad’s funeral Liam finally meets Elizabeth. Liam tells no lies, keeps the truth hidden, always gets what he wants, and now he wants Elizabeth!

  • FoodNut - I like like mine soft poached so I knew I was ...

    Have a 1000W micro - I used power level 9 for 60secs - 1 large egg for experiment, 1st try. Let set for 30 secs. Guess what?? Came out hard poached. I like like mine soft poached so I knew I was getting closer at the 1st try. Whites were not 'rubbery' and yolk was solid. A real poached egg!! I did use room temp water and broke the egg into the little colander to drain off excess whites after using to fill to water line. Note, had to remove some water since the large egg I was using pushed the water to the top. It appears it will take some experimenting to get use to it but a far cry from trying the 'pan method' which I failed miserably at. Real poached eggs at last!!!

  • Kayleigh L - Good product

    I was reccently turned on by this product by my hairdresser. I moved to Arizona after living in Texas and found that my hair frizzed up no matter what product I used. I used all sorts of things and my hair still looked terrible! So when I got my hair cut my hairdresser used Morracan Oil. I decided to look it up on here and found that for a little tiny thing it was going to cost me $48! So I kept searching and searching and found this product. I read the reviews and decided on the 2 oz bottle. It was a great price! I did read a reveiw on here about the "funeral home smell" the oil has but I wasn't too worried about it. When I got it and smelled it I found the scent not too bad at all and not even noticable! It kept my hair looking nice as well and now I always have that "just came from the stylist look", it really smoothes the hair! So this is a great product and I reccomend it to anyone.

  • justice - LifeSaver!!!

    I always get UTI's and yeast infections very easily. Even with outstanding hygiene I found myself at the GYNECOLOGIST quit often. She would prescribe me all types of medicines that either didn't work or only temporarily. I one day was in my local Target and came across Azo Cranberry and Azo Yeast. When I tell you I have not had yeast infection or a UTI since taking these pills I kid you not! I bought a 50 packat Target for around 8 bucks but Amazon has a better deal. You get 150 pills for 22 bucks. I now take them everyday just to prevent Yeast Infections and UTI's. The pills are nasty to me lol but they work so that's all that matters. Just make sure you drink tons of water. And the cranberry pills make me use the bathroom a lot but it's only because it's actually flushing out your system. I have to go to the bathroom quit often after taking the pill but I rather deal with going to the bathroom every hour than to have UTI's everyday.

  • Gregory S. Zyzanski - A great read for anyone interested in what is ailing our ...

    A great read for anyone interested in what is ailing our country and what to expect given our present course of action. Mr. Hartmann makes it clear as to why our economy seems destined for another crash and what we might do differently when it happens to prevent further crashes.

  • K. L. Graham - 2015 Ram 2500 Crew Cab

    They stay in place, look great, fit well and do their job. What else do you want from a set of floor mats?!

  • Resh - Awesome product!

    I dont know why there are some bad reviews on this unit! I am happy that I have found this item. It is sturdy and made out of hard plastic. As you would expect from a brand name like Energizer.