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Dimitra Milan Fine Art | Official Site - A master painter, Dimitra Milan's whimsical and surreal artwork reflects a dreamy world where anything is possible.

  • https://www.dimitramilan.com/collections/all Dimitra Milan Art | Full Collection - In this collection you will find master painter Dimitra Milan's library of recent original paintings in a range of subjects from tropical to animals to underwater.
  • https://www.dimitramilan.com/collections/flowers Flowers | Dimitra Milan Art - These floral paintings truly display the raw beauty of nature. With flowers so intricately painted you can almost smell the scent of a fresh bouquet.
  • https://www.dimitramilan.com/collections/animals Animal Collection | Dimitra Milan Art - In a variety of mediums from oil to mixed media, animal enthusiast Dimitra Milan realistically depicts her most beloved subject matter in a wild and dreamy style.
  • https://www.dimitramilan.com/collections/tropical Tropical Artwork | Dimitra Milan - Browse through Dimitra Milan's collection of tropical imagery. You'll find your favorite sea life, breathtaking scenery, and gorgeous tropical flowers.
  • https://www.dimitramilan.com/collections/beneath-the-sea Beneath the Sea Collection | Dimitra Milan Art - Explore an underwater paradise with these Dimitra Milan mixed media oil paintings that capture the beauty of the sea and it's inhabitants.
  • https://www.dimitramilan.com/collections/originals-available Originals Available | Dimitra Milan Art - In this collection you will find Dimitra's library of recent original paintings. They vary from Original Oil to Mixed Media Oil on canvas.
  • https://www.dimitramilan.com/collections/originals-sold Originals Sold – Dimitra Milan - In this collection you will find Dimitra's library of sold original paintings. Dimitra is passionate about the subjects in her paintings. She's always loved ani
  • https://www.dimitramilan.com/collections/giclees-on-canvas GiclĂ©es on Canvas | Dimitra Milan Art - Dimitra Milan's surreal artwork is available in high quality giclees on canvas and are the perfect pieces for your home. You will find underwater, floral, animal, and tropical art in Dimitra's signature style.
  • https://www.dimitramilan.com/collections/matted-paper-prints Matted Paper Prints | Dimitra Milan Art - Dimitra Milan's unique surrealist artwork is available in high quality, eco-firendly, matted, bamboo paper prints in a variety of sizes.
  • https://www.dimitramilan.com/collections/greeting-cards Greeting Cards | Dimitra Milan Art - Dimitra Milan greeting cards are the perfect way to show your friends and family your love! Brighten someone's day with these animal, flower, and underwater pieces of art.
  • https://www.dimitramilan.com/collections/gift-cards Gift Cards | Dimitra Milan Art - Dimitra Milan gift cards are the perfect way to give the gift of serene, beautifully rendered artwork to your friends and family! Available in 3 styles and any denomination, they do not expire.
  • https://www.dimitramilan.com/pages/biography Biography | Dimitra Milan Art - Dimitra Milan gained international attention for her artwork by the age of 15. Her whimsical and surreal artwork largely depicts humans and animals coexisting fearlessly, in a dreamlike state.
  • https://www.dimitramilan.com/pages/artist-style Artist Style | Dimitra Milan Art - Dimitra Milan is a unique mixed media oil painting whose works include subjects such as beautiful girls, exotic animals, bright flowers, and tropical and desert scenery.
  • https://www.dimitramilan.com/pages/retail-locations Retail Locations | Dimitra Milan Art - Shop for Dimitra Milan's mixed media oil paintings at retail locations in Hawaii, Las Vegas and Florida.
  • https://www.dimitramilan.com/pages/shows-and-events Shows and Events – Dimitra Milan - Gallery Exhibitions and Events Schedule - Check back later for updates on future events!

    Country:, North America, CA

    City: -75.6904 Ontario, Canada

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