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  • Dmitriy Lebedev - Good concentration of key material.

    Good and compact concentration of key material. After self-studying with this book and sample tests I have passed the exam with 85%.

  • Jay Burgos - STAY AWAY!!!

    Very bad. I purchased this because I loved Music Maker Jam on my phone (which is laggy, clumsy and crashes a lot). This software is the worst I have owned. Performance is bad most of the time. Lags like crazy, audio stutters and crackles. You could make an argument that it is maybe my PC, but so many others run much smoother (Sony Acid, Mixcraft Pro, Reason Essentials, Cubase Elements). Overall it feels unpolished. Dont buy. Save your money and buy an entry version of Cubase, Reason or Live. I also own Samplitude 2016 (also by Magix) and performs equally bad. I never could resolve some installation issues of some plug-ins, tech support couldnt figure it out. STAY AWAY FROM MAGIX!!!!

  • Sandy - Rubbish rubbish rubbish

    It's a shame that there isn't an option for zero stars, that would suit these tests perfectly. First Response used to be the most reliable tests but somewhere along the line they must've felt they were being challenged (obviously well) by other leaders in the field such as Clearblue and as a result have produced these ridiculous tests. I have had heartbreak month upon month using these tests and rightly asked for a refund for several orders. They aren't faulty, they are so "sensitive" they pick up on hcg levels that aren't there! No chemical pregnancy, no normal pregnancy, just a crap test from a manufacturer who has seriously compromised on quality. If I'm not pregnant I do NOT want to see a faint pink line appearing within the correct timeframe on ALL of these tests and from DIFFERENT batches. There should be no line at all and that'd be fine instead of raising my hopes for nothing. Utter rubbish to put it mildly. Stick with Clearblue.

  • stevie - Swiffer is both overrated, but useful.

    I can't believe I am reviewing a cleaning product, but here it goes. I think the criticism about the swiffer really belongs to the separate pads or wipes you have to buy. The actual sweeper is okay overall. I have not experienced any breakage myself nor does it feel prone to breakage. However, I have seen this complaint come up while reading other reviews so I feel like it should be acknowledged. Overall, it feels a little less sturdy than I immediately anticipated, but not close to feeling to "flimsy".