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  • Nathan - Works as a Sous Vide heating element.

    I purchased this hot plate to heat a 40qt, heavy bottom stock pot of water. On the highest temperature, I was able to heat 58° water to 140°F in under 10 minutes.

  • Adam D. Calvelage - waiting and see.

    I just got the product one Tuesday and I used it for the first time on my dog on Wednesday. For the next hour after I sprayed him ran around the the house trying it wipe it off. From what I can see it looks like it kills on contact like the promise. Will wait and see if it keeps the fleas on the dog. If it works will use on the cats and buy a few more bottles.

  • Bowler - Terrible customer service from Intuit.

    to I give it zero stars. When it arrived and I attempted to load it onto my computer, when I got the the part requiring me to load the product key I found that it was attached on the back of the package with a sticker on top. I was instructed to remove the sticker and view the product key. The problem that I encountered was that in attempting to remove the sticker I couldn't get it off without the product key sticking to the back of it so that now it is unreadable. When I contacted Intuit to find out what to do about it I was informed that I would have to fill out a form, send that and the software back to them after which they would issue me a reimbursement and if I met all the requirements then when I received my reimbursement I could purchase another copy. I asked if they could forgo the reimbursement and just send me replacement software they said no. I found this most unhelpful on their part, especially considering that they created this problem in the first place and I found their customer service very lacking. I have been a satisfied customer of Intuit for several years but I have been seriously reconsidering my position in light of this situation and, at this time, I could not in good conscience recommend any Intuit products to anyone else.

  • Shaun - Best water conditioner on market...

    SUMMARY: I'm not a pro by any means, but an avid hobbyist. Seamchem makes the best chemicals to my experience (see also Purigen for clear water, Excel Flourish for plants, Discus buffer and neutral regulator for pH and trace elements), and Pristine for maintained water quality/denitrifying bacteria) for ease of use and value. Prime is the best individual product Seachem offers, making it, quite simply, the best of the best.

  • ftgfs2 - Stubborn fat!

    Wish it tasted as well as other energy water additives that I have tried. I like that it also has weight-loss ingredients in it but I haven't lost any weight drinking 3 a day. Although, I am not a bigger girl, I only need to lose 10-15 lbs because I am on the higher side of the range for my height so maybe it's not effective for my type of weight loss that I am seeking. If anyone has suggestions, I am open to listening to shed these stubborn pounds!

  • Kuniklos - My hair is better for having found this!

    I tried to find a cheaper alternative that does all this things this does. I could not find anything similar. My hair is smoother, softer, and I have less flyaways. it looks much healthier and seems to protect my hair from the daily heat of tools and blow drying. I about died when my local Target changed the price to $42 fort he 10 ounce! Thankfully amazon had it for $29. Their price changes but it seems to stay under $30 most days.

  • logan123 - doesn't work

    After I stopped my cat's medication and used this product, my cat became sick and vocal. His hair became horrible. I had to return to the original medicatin for my cat. I don't know if add more drops would work, but I didn't try.