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The 2nd International Congress on Clinical Trials for Medical Devices (CTMD2016) - The 2nd International Congress on Clinical Trials for Medical Devices will focus on the latest developments and upcoming regulations on clinical trials for medical devices in the EU and the US as well as in Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC countries).

Country:, Asia, IL

City: 34.75 , Israel

  • Matthew Lampe - awesome!

    Nice and bright white! Easy to install, great custom look! Shipping was fast, I love the aluminum case the bulbs come in, I had bought cheaper LEDs before and they burnt out.in a month u really pay for what u get, and these are high quality!

  • Jessica J - Keep your babies safe!

    I have two dogs who LOVE to go for rides in the car. Both dogs get so over-excited that they bounce all over the place and can’t stay seated long enough to enjoy. And both of my dogs are quite large, so it is not safe for them, nor anyone else riding in the car with them. I have been wanting to pick up some safety belt tethers, so decided to give these a try. I am not sure they are strong enough to handle the size of my dogs, but anything will help at this point.

  • Charlie Estes - I really liked it, didn't have a lotion - y feel ...

    I really liked it, didn't have a lotion - y feel too it but it moisturized my tattoo really well and turned out looking really good, after my 1st tattoo got infected, I got nervous on what I needed to put on it so I spent a little extra and got after inked after I read all the good reviews on here. And I was very happy with my purchase. I will be ordering more when I run out!

  • keith collard - Good board

    Used this board for my first full pc build. Everything went together well and seems to work good out of the box. The lack of a user manual and all the SATA cables not having right angle connecters on them is the reason for the 1 star loss. So for no issues with board and I will update if any arise.

  • Mary4Music - Barry Gibb---Still Making Magic

    Love the album. Barry is a master at crafting a song and with "In The Now" he doesn't disappoint. The songs are very diverse....There are songs here for every taste, rock, pop, ballads... If you're a fan of Barry's work you will definitely find something on this album you'll like. New fans won't be disappointed either. He does use his falsetto but it's used sparingly and in just the right places. Kudos to Barry's sons Stephen and Ashley who both lent a hand in songwriting, with Stephen also playing Lead Guitar.. Have a listen . . . .There is something here for everyone.

  • ozarks guzzi - great addition to any camera bag

    Was pleasantly surprised with the feel and ease of use. The quality of the images are very good. A few glitches in the video could be attributed to the extreme contrast of the scenes or the micro SD card. It only happened twice. Using this camera on a motorcycle helmet, I have a couple of cautions. Test runs to position the camera need to be made immediately before your first important ride to create the view that you want. A view to the rear will require further adjustments. One beep-it's recording, 2beeps-it's off. Hard to hear with engine/wind noises. Sometimes it's a guess. All the important videos were there when viewed. Whew.

  • Bevy - Wow!

    After 3 uses, I was able to do housework without back pain and even woke up this morning without pain. I have had chronic debilitating back pain from arthritis, stenosis, bulging discs and a fracture. This works, so thankful.