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LCA Pain Clinic, P.C. - Linn County Anesthesiologists - Cedar Rapids, Iowa - LCA Pain Clinic, P.C. is a specialized department of Linn County Anesthesiologists, P.C., consisting of established Cedar Rapids physicians with special training in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from chronic pain. Patients are seen at LCA Pain Clinics housed within several eastern Iowa hospitals.

  • http://www.cr-painclinic.com/our-physicians.html LCA Pain Clinic, P.C. - Linn County Anesthesiologists - Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Our Physicians - Meet the physicians of the LCA Pain Clinic, view board certifications, physician photos and more.
  • http://www.cr-painclinic.com/appointments.html LCA Pain Clinic, P.C. - Linn County Anesthesiologists - Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Making Appointments & Clinic Locations - New patients to an LCA Pain Clinic must be referred to the clinic by a healthcare provider. The referring physician's office will call and make arrangements for the first appointment. Future visits can be scheduled by the patient. LCA Pain Clinics are located within eastern Iowa hospitals.
  • http://www.cr-painclinic.com/your-first-visit.html LCA Pain Clinic, P.C. - Linn County Anesthesiologists - Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Your First Visit - Things to know before your first visit to an LCA Pain Clinic, including bringing your completed questionnaire and following the pre-appointment instructions for injections.
  • http://www.cr-painclinic.com/conditions-treated.html LCA Pain Clinic, P.C. - Linn County Anesthesiologists - Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Pain Conditions We Treat - View the list of conditions treated by the physicians of LCA Pain Clinic, P.C.
  • http://www.cr-painclinic.com/interventional-treatments.html LCA Pain Clinic, P.C. - Linn County Anesthesiologists - Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Types of Treatments - Learn about the types of treatments available at the LCA Pain Clinics, including oral medications, physical therapy, injection or a combination of treatment types.
  • http://www.cr-painclinic.com/epidural-steroids.html LCA Pain Clinic, P.C. - Linn County Anesthesiologists - Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Epidural Steroids - Learn about epidural steroid injections, who is a good candidate for this treatment, and what you can expect during and after an injection.
  • http://www.cr-painclinic.com/questions-answers.html LCA Pain Clinic, P.C. - Linn County Anesthesiologists - Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Pain Management Q & A - Learn the difference between acute and chonic pain, the causes of pain, treatments for pain and more.
  • http://www.cr-painclinic.com/financial-responsibility.html LCA Pain Clinic, P.C. - Linn County Anesthesiologists - Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Financial Responsibility Policy - The LCA Pain Clinic's Financial Responsibility Policy outlines information about fees, charges, insurance, worker's compensation, and third party liability and unpaid balances and uninsured patients and provides a link for making online payments.
  • http://www.cr-painclinic.com/contact-us.html LCA Pain Clinic, P.C. - Linn County Anesthesiologists - Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Contact Us & Online Payments - Administrative office and billing address information for the LCA Pain Clinic, P.C., and a link for making online credit card payments.
  • http://www.cr-painclinic.com/forms.html LCA Pain Clinic, P.C. - Linn County Anesthesiologists - Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Pain Clinic Forms for Patients & Referring Physicians - This page provides links to the variety of forms that LCA Pain Clinic patients and referring physicians may need, including the patient questionnaire/assessment, instructions for first-time patients, maps to clinic locations and the financial responsiblity policy.

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