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Country Aire-Located in Port Angeles, Washington State - Country Aire is a natural grocery store featuring organic food, local produce, bulk grains and herbs, supplements, cosmetics and gifts

Country:, North America, US

City: -82.3024 Florida, United States

  • J. Dillon - Not as simple as it may appear

    Sure it scans but than you are supposed to file it under this incredibly detailed organizational proprietary filing system software. It takes a lot of time. The documents are very large and I have not found it easy to find and retrieve files. Overall just very frustrating and way too much money for what you get.

  • Linda - Too much money for one use.

    This product worked the first time, but the sanding surface wears off and you have to buy new cartridges each time. So not worth it.

  • Francisco G. - great anti virus, crappy customer service

    this is a 2 part review. The product itself is 5 stars but customer service and ease of renewing subscription is 1 star therefore 3 star review. Really quick product is awesome never really had issues, its easy to update and updates quite frequently. never gotten a virus while i've had kaspersky, 3 years running.

  • rndsommer - worked for me

    I was skeptical. Getting ready to close pool up for the season but needed to fix a leak first. Losing about an inch per week. Would have cost around $200. to have pool guy come and find it. Figured I would give this a shot first. Followed instructions , poured it in and no more leak. Will further investigate any leaks in the spring. Hopefully it creates a permanent fix like it says or at least hold up over the winter.

  • Islandflea - First, I am NOT one of the paid endorsers ...

    First, I am NOT one of the paid endorsers. I have used PCmatic with SuperShield for years on home and business pc's with very few issues. Once in a while it will miss something but since I use multiple programs working in unison AND maintain a consistent backup habit, has been resolvable every time. Bear in mind that NO program is invincible standalone. Considering buying Evergreen. Thanks PCmatic!