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EXOS formerly Core Performance - CorePerformance.com delivers personalized training programs, workouts, nutrition, fitness, weight loss, health, sports and community. Created by Mark Verstegen, founder of EXOS, which trains elite athletes around the world.

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  • NYC Mom - Ripped from the headlines

    The hardest working journalist in the business who has been inside every merger, termination, shocker and scandal turns from the pages of the Wall Street Journal to this pageturner.

  • Jasmine Robinson - These Pills definitely work

    I did not buy this product off Amazon.com but I would like to give my honest opinion on this product. I've been using this product for 2.5 weeks now and I have to say it does work well. Pros are that it does Curb your appetite which is a huge contributing factor in your weight loss journey. I can eat a small snack and be full because I took my snack along with my total control pills. When I say full i mean full. Another pro is that it does me justice when it comes to my metabolism. I have a horrible metabolism, Before taking these pills I was lucky to go to the bathroom once a day now at bare minimum I go twice a day, which is normal. I cant say whether or not it gives me energy because my answer would be totally biased. I do not get enough sleep ... on a regular basis so even if this product is doing its job to give me energy I wouldn't notice. I would say that although my energy is always low due to a lack of sleep I gotta say I do feel more alert. It is definitely worth the buy and I will continue to buy these pills.