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Control Design Solutions Home Page - Control Design Solutions provide custom designed, fully integrated industrial automation solutions to manufacturing handling, packaging and processing machines.

  • http://www.controldesignltd.com/services/systems-integration/ Control Design Solutions System Integration | Control Design Solutions - Control Design Solutions provides full customized system integration for manufacturing facilities.
  • http://www.controldesignltd.com/services/control-system-design/ Control Design Solutions - Control System Design | Control Design Solutions - Control Design Solutions' team of expert engineers are highly skilled at creating customized control system design.
  • http://www.controldesignltd.com/services/plc-and-hmi-programming/ Control Design Solutions PLC and HMI Programming Services | Control Design Solutions - Control Design Solutions are experts in configuring and prgrogramming PLC and HMI control systems.
  • http://www.controldesignltd.com/services/on-site-support/ Control Design Solutions On-Site Support Services | Control Design Solutions - Control Design Solutions offers custom designed engineering solutions for manufacturing facilities and provides full on-site support services.
  • http://www.controldesignltd.com/services/specialty-equipment-design/ Control Design Solutions Specialty Equipment Design | Control Design Solutions - Control Design Solutions offers custom design engineering and specialty equipment design and integration for manufacturing facilities.
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  • B.Boru - Must allow Intuit to know when you import transactions.

    Purchased Quicken 2014 Home and Business on DVD, upgrading from Quicken Home and Business 2011. The installation was quick, smooth, and seamless. I like the improved debt reduction planning tool, and the slight improvements to interfaces. I do not use the mobile features, and I do not allow automatic linkage to my accounts. I prefer to keep my accounts and software unlinked. Discovered today that I have to provide an Intuit logon and password to import my manually downloaded bank files.I should not and do not want to have to do this. Back to MS Money Home and Business which I still have installed. Apparently this is new to 2014. Sorry Intuit but my banking is not your business. Remove the login requirement and I may use it again.

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