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Coastline Condos | Destin FL Vacation Condos | Pet Friendly Available - Take a relaxing vacation in our Destin Florida vacation condos. Many are pet friendly. Call us or book online today

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  • http://www.coastlinecondos.com/our-story.htm Our Story | Coastline Condos - We love Destin… the sugar-white beaches, the restaurants (both fine dining and affordable family dining), outlet mall shopping, fantastic golf courses, terrific family entertainment, the friendly local people, and the gorgeous emerald green Gulf of Mexico. Stay with us and you’ll fall in love with Destin too!
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  • http://www.coastlinecondos.com/resort-ciboney.htm Ciboney in Destin is Conveniently located on Scenic Gulf Drive near Miramar Beach. Ideal for the perfect destin vacation, complete with pool, tennis courts and private beach access. - Ciboney is on the Gulf Coast in the Destin Florida area and is on Miramar Beach, where the beaches were declared “clean and healthy” by the Clean Beaches Council in USA Today. If you love tennis, there are 2 lighted courts and they are free. With only four floors you can either walk up or take the elevators. Our condos at Ciboney are also small dog pet friendly.
  • http://www.coastlinecondos.com/resort-majestic-sun.htm Majestic Sun Resort Rentals | Destin Fl Condo Rentals - Majestic Sun is located on 2,000 feet of sugar-white beach in Destin FL. Breathtaking beachfront ocean views. More…
  • http://www.coastlinecondos.com/resort-maravilla.htm Maravilla Resort Rentals | Destin Fl Condo Rentals - Maravilla is a popular Destin vacation place. 3 acres of sugar-white beach. Two pools. Steps to the Beach. More…
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