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The Global Solution Providers for Food, Health & Pharmacare | Clasado BioSciences - Clasado BioSciences research & develop the most advanced galacto-oligosaccharide (GOS) products, providing solutions for Food, Healthcare & Pharma companies globally.

  • http://www.clasado.com/wellness/ Wellness & The Gut | Clasado BioSciences - With Clasado's research, enzymes from B. bifidum NCIMB 41171 have been used to develop a range of second generation prebiotic.
  • http://www.clasado.com/why-bimuno/ Why Bimuno? | Clasado BioSciences - Bimuno is a patent protected Beta Galacto-oligosacharride (╬▓GOS) produced from dairy lactose using a proprietary enzyme derived from probiotic Bifidobacteria bifidum.
  • http://www.clasado.com/products/ Products | Clasado BioSciences - The Bimuno food supplement range currently comprises 4 products specifically designed for individuals concerned about their digestive and immune health.
  • http://www.clasado.com/research/ Research | Clasado BioSciences - Clasado is actively engaged in developing and substantiating the health benefits of dietary ingredients for the prevention, management, and treatment of human disease.
  • http://www.clasado.com/news-events/reduction-exercise-induced-asthma/ Bimuno demonstrates significant efficacy in the reduction of exercise-induced asthma - This is the first human study to demonstrate the potential for a prebiotic to be used as an adjunct therapy in exercise induced asthma, and airway inflammation.

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  • Dorci Palmer - I can't get enough of the scent!

    This whole line is really fabulous! I was hesitant to buy after reading some reviews that said the smell was bad, but they could not be more wrong! This stuff smells like french toast to me...a cinnamon maple smell, and every time I swing my hair and catch a whiff of it, I have to smile. It still smells great even after I take my hair down after yoga class. My boyfriend loves it, too.

  • Ron Kathary - Amazing!

    I love this stroller! It's really light. .has lots of room to store your belongings,and it's such a nice smooth ride! Perfect for my 1 year old! Did I mention it's great quality :)

  • Daniel S. Kitz - Colorful, fun and educative

    I like this book because it is very educational and cool at the same time! The book is very colorful and it shows big pictures of objects and situations that makes part of any baby/ toddler daily life like babies, shoes, dog, cat, milk, bottle, sleeping, shower, tub, apple etc... Each picture has a word describing it. The words are in bold black and they are easy to read.

  • Waylon L Williams - Good stuff. I'm a pretty terrible golfer but these ...

    Good stuff. I'm a pretty terrible golfer but these seem to hit fine and i don't go broke when I come off the course with half the balls I started with.

  • Alison - Cheapky made

    The red light is too bright and the green light doesn't stay on long enough so if your child sonetime sleeps a little later they will be waiting for a light that already went off. The quality is not good either. Looks and feels cheap. Way overpriced. For cheaper you can get the gro clock with sun and stars thats better quality from amazonUK. It shipped much faster than it said.

  • Joshua Alan Rose - Great start for my car!

    Great key fob! I'm happy to finally have my key fog back. The one I received seems like a GM fob. Paired first try. Thanks BestKeys.

  • Dylan - Perfect

    Bought this for my 2014 Ram. Exactly as described, ordered a 12 Kenwood eXcelon KFC-XW1200F shallow mount sub to use with this box and it fits perfect. Thank you. The box could be a little bigger as there is still a little space for the box to move but overall its a great product for the price. Would recommend, Also recommend some seat spacers to lift the seat from Fox Acoustics to keep the sub from hitting the underside of the seat.