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    City: -118.0895 California, United States

  • William - I bought this from a thrift store/pipeshop

    This product works. I followed the instructions 6 hours prior whole bottle and 2 glasses of water. Pee twice then take your test!!! Im a free man!!!

  • sherry - not to bad, still worth it

    not as sturdy as I thought but this was for putting quarters in for collecting. would have been nice with a little info on the coins but I think its good because you can open this book and see your coins.

  • Camera Shy - Condition Label needs Improvement.

    Product works as expected, however, the label showing white, yellow, and orange indicators can be hard to decipher in many lighting conditions. Poor choice of labeling. Checkmarks or easily distinguishable dots would have been far more effective and easier to read.