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  • MysticReviewer - Definitely got me to my goal weight. I was ...

    Definitely got me to my goal weight. I was at 185 and couldn't get any further on my own. Took one cycle and reached 195. I will be getting more to help get bigger when needed.

  • Jacob - Perfect fit!

    I just installed it for my 2013 CRV. Perfect fit. You need to read the instruction first, then check which is front and which side is right or left because the rails are not parallel.

  • Dennis L. Hughes - Not impressed

    I was very excited to see this product. I wanted something that provided me with more parental controls than were available through Windows (e.g., setting how long a child can be on the computer any given day). There are a couple of problems with this software. 1) It is not at all intuitive. I typically can figure out how to use a new software application fairly quickly, but that was not so with Family Protection. I looked online to get some guidance (there was no manual), and didn't find what I needed. 2) An online password (separate from the normal Windows password) is required for every account (whether Family Protection is turned on for that user or not). I don't think my 5 year old would be able to log into the computer with this requirement.

  • cathy henderson - Mary Kay

    I have used this product for many years off and on, however I have not had a consultant in a while , so i was very happy to find these products at Amazon

  • Maximilian Cayce del Pino - I know two other gamers who own and like this exact mat

    this mat is "meh" for me. I know two other gamers who own and like this exact mat, so I gave it a shot. Of the three of us, I'm the only one with a Razer mouse, both of them have the same strange issue of "lagging" on the pad, as if i was using a magazine as a mat. aside from that, which may end up being a hardware issue (however unlikely, having un/reinstalled all drivers and calibration etc), I find it to be much too thin and light, and it slides around my desk with normal use. The size is nice, but that hardly makes up for it's shortcomings in my opinion. in short, there are better mats at walmart for a similar price.