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  • Amazon Customer - This is the best keyboard I have ever owned

    This is the best keyboard I have ever owned. Period. It's really not hard to say that. I was considering this or the Corsair K90 and when comparing the two in person, I really enjoy the feel of Razer's custom mechanicals compared to the Cherry Reds in the K90. The lighting and effects are by far superior. And it's just an awesome all around product with the added support of Razers Software to map keystrokes and change the lighting effects. The customizability of the lighting effects is amazing, it'll keep you busy for a while.

  • karla lagoe - Natural wellness

    It helps with my 12 mth old's acid reflux. I give him one dose a day and it keeps his tummy feeling settled.

  • Stacey M. - LOVE IT! Love it

    LOVE IT! Love it! Love it! The best seasoning. Love it on Steak and chicken! Also love it on potatoes. My favorite is when you have left over steak use it for gravy the next morning. Use a little more Steak seasoning in the gravy, yummmmmmm

  • poppy6 - Nice book

    Not as many good coupons as in years past but still worth every penny. If you plan on going to LasVegas this is the coupon book to buy

  • M. Pantalone - Didn't work for me, either

    Like the other reviewer, this product failed for me, too. And the finger I was treating developed a second wart. I'm back to the brush-on liquid type of treatment. I don't recommend this product at all.

  • Amazon Customer - This awesome product works great

    This awesome product works great! Some of my friends also say they are really good shades. They give some privacy but not too dark to drive

  • William King - Good Product BUT FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!!!!!

    Issues with 2004 Land Rover Discovery 4.6 (Best and Worst vehicle you can ever own) after doing the heads still had slight leakage, did heads again with full pressure test of everything (block/heads/etc) with nothing found, and did this as a last resort (most likely sleeves leaking which only answer is a new block $6k). This lasted about 10k miles which was great even took a couple 1k mile trips. BUT make sure you follow the directions...plan on a day to flush the system several time as this seems to be the key and I ran it for about a week in the system before going back to antifreeze. While it has just started using a slight amount again I'm sold on this and getting ready to use it again.....$60 vs $6k for new is worth a shot!! The Land Rover coolant system runs close to 20lbs pressure so I would think this would work even better on US vehicles that operate at almost half the pressure....