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  • James A. Barbour - Sodastream fails to impress.

    I thought the Sodastream machine would save me money and provide me with soda water. I am not interested in the flavors - just the soda water. But after using 2 of the 33 oz CO2 canisters that they claim makes up to 130 sodas, I found that I only get 48 to 52 sodas per canister. And that was using less carbonation than they recommended. At $30 per canister that comes to 60 cents per soda just for the carbonation!! If you add flavors it costs even more. I have found that are are some ways to get around Sodastreams proprietary refill system but I am not interested. It's going in the trash and I will count that as a lesson learned. So after paying $80 for the initial machine and $30 for the carbonation refill it wound up costing me about $1.10 per soda. That is NOT a deal. Do not buy this product. It is a rip-off.

  • Matt - Great Ball on a Budget

    I am a 20 handicap. Have tried many different types of balls and really like this one. For the cost, this is the best I have used. There is a noticeable difference in the spin I can generate (especially around the greens) with this compared to very cheap alternatives. I have played more expensive ProV1s and Nike One Tours, and never noticed much of a difference.

  • T. Spittal - Would be 5 stars if it had a grab handle

    I love this bag! It would be 5 stars, but it's missing a grab handle. It's inconvenient when you're reaching into the back of your car and you can't just grab and go, you have to use the shoulder strap (the strap is adjustable, but I want them both).

  • Francisco Rodriguez - This has good sound. After looking at all the popular models ...

    This has good sound.After looking at all the popular models and I simply couldn't make a choice, they all seem to have serious flaws (LG particularly). Plus many of them are the same, being sold under different brands. Mpow's are one of a kind, they do not say made in china anywhere on it, and my favorite part...The manual was written entirely in English! Perfect English! Just like the good old days when things were made in America.Exceeds my expectations so much that I purchased for other family members. I have had LG, Plantronics and other name brand and expensive Bluetooth headsets that have stopped working just over the year where the warranty expires. I refused to pay for another overpriced pair of Bluetooth headsets and came across these and based on the economical price, and when I received them, I knew I was #winning---- they are easy to use, The sound is crystal clear; no one has complained about noise distortion while holding conversations thru the headsets and the music; boy oh boy. The sound is right; bass is hitting and I can say without hesitation that these are equal if not better than the more expensive and more popular brand of headsets on the market.I got this item for free in exchange for my honest review.

  • Cody Pierce - perfect except for the lack of instructions.

    installation was simple and fast. everything worked flawlessly. the only issue i have at all with this product is the lack of instructions. had they been provided this would be aten minute install. having done this without them, and already knowing how to dissassemble my bike it took me around 30 minutes. that time includes reassembly. if this is to be your first mod, and youve never had you bike apart i highly recommend looking up a video on how to get to the tail harness.

  • Amazon Customer - Not surprised that this great songwriter has written a great memoir

    Not surprised that this great songwriter has written a great memoir! Carole Bayer Sager knows her way around words and emotions and she generously offers us both in her honest, courageous, heartfelt and truly witty story of her life. Get it. Read it. Love it.

  • John Lemmons - Works!

    I did not want to go to the doctor for a nail issue on one of my little toes. I had some fungal thing in the nail. The rest of the foot was fine and I had tried to use fungicure or something like that. I would file the nail and apply the solution. The filing helped but the nail did not get better.