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CBEE 2016 | Congresso Brasileiro de Especialidades de Enfermagem - Congresso Brasileiro de Especialidades de Enfermagem – CBEE, onde as diretrizes e discussões que permeiam as mais diversas áreas de atuação do enfermeiro pudessem ser discutidas e aprimoradas.

Country:, South America, BR

City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • debskiluv - DISASTER

    I was so excited to purchase this product. I brought it from Target. I used it once and I was thrilled. Everything they said it would do, it did. Until the second time I used it. The motor completely stop working. I was totally disappointed. The product listed as the motor will reset itself after an hour "if it gets overheated". It wasn't overheated because it did two spins and that was it. I waited several hours and it never started again.

  • Amazon Customer - excellent for the price.

    Great little camera at a good price. Does exactly what it's advertised for. It is small enough to be easily concealed and the battery lasts long enought to be a great recording tool.

  • P. Valbuena - Great stroller, but do your research before buying

    This review is based on the 4 strollers we used/own: Baby Trend travel system (the minivan), Snap-n-Go (the ultra compact), Bob Revolution (the SUV), and the UppaBaby Vista (her limousine). The UppaBaby is the only stroller we actually purchased, and for us, it was worth it.

  • John Perkins - good software

    Good software for 2010 now i go to check out the software of 2013. I am sorry that this review might not help you in desiding what to get.

  • Gayle - More than an Oral Irrigator

    I did not realize that this has many attachments that are nice to have. I especially like the nasal irrigator, as I suffer from allergies and sinus problems all year round and to have this at my fingertips is really a nice bonus.

  • Leah1980 - I am very happy with the product

    I have been using this product for a couple of days now and so far I have seen the difference. I am very happy with the product.

  • Nathan Davis - you are right. answers are wrong

    Many errors in the answer key. Every section has a wrong answer. Do not buy!! You will be marking yourself wrong for no reason!