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Carpe Diem Recruitment - Home - Carpe Diem Recruitment is een bemiddelingsbureau voor de farmaceutische en medical devices industrie. Het is gespecialiseerd in Werving & Selectie en Interim-management posities op diverse afdelingen. .

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  • J. Pileggi - Not too bad for the price

    This is a good starter bike for some one interested in getting into bmx. It is not made of the highest quality materials but for the price tag you get a really nice looking bike that you can learn on. Add some pegs , trim down the handle bars ( in my case I deleted the brakes since this bike does not come with a gyro...dont need brakes on this bike anyway for what my intentions are anyways ) and you are left with a good base to learn street , flatland or whatever. Then after a few tumbles and bruises if you think you still want to pursue this sport you can move up to the higher quality higher cost bikes.

  • Room 888 - Slightly better experience the second time around...but still having issues :(

    I posted a review on this item a little over a year ago, but I've decided to provide an updated version.

  • Olga Bacher - Great Cough Relief

    This product helped me to get rid of my very persistent cough that I got as part of a flu like infection. It works so simple (essential oils absorbed through the intestines sooth the mucous membranes from the inside) and is completely natural. I just love it.

  • Amazon Customer - Excellent choice for earbuds!

    These Invotek Senso ActiveBuds are excellent! Bought my husband a pair first. We go to the gym often and our other ear buds just don't stand up to our exercising. The ActiveBuds not only stay in, they have quality sound and are great for phone calls! The charge lasts my husband's whole entire work day in which he has numerous conference calls, he charges it on the way home and it's ready for the gym! Very happy with the product. Ordered myself a pair and will order another pair for our 16 year old son! Maybe even for our older girls as Christians presents also!!

  • FreedbyJC - On and on and on...

    Really??? After a glorious end to a fabulous story, all ends tied off, lovers holding hands ... silhouetted in the sunset, humanity settling in for their happily ever ...

  • Marianne - Listen to your mother and save your money!

    I have been curious about this product, you know these infomercials are so convincing, oh and look how much better one melon looks than the other because of the ingredients! I have given up on all of these products that just don't deliver and I'm now 59 years old. Nothing will lift your face except surgery. I started using Vitamin C powder mixed with a little Neutrogena water gel (with hyaluronic acid), smooth that over my face and neck every morning and I swear I have never looked better. I'm on my 3rd jar of the water gel. The Vit C powder is Philosophy brand and lasts a really long time; still on my first bottle. I have always been oily but this combo keeps it at bay. There is a water cream too, but it's the GEL you want if you're prone to being oily, the cream if your skin is drier. Anyway, just had to throw in my two cents.

  • EJK-AZ - Nicely constructed but didn't work well

    Had to return it wouldn't hold sync and when it did the weather wouldn't work. It was a nice watch I wish it had worked for me.