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Camping 4étoiles - Lac de Saint-Cyr - Le Camping du Lac de Saint-Cyr, situé à 20 min de Poitiers bénéficie de 85 hectares d'eau, de multiples activités nautiques et de plage, et d'un restaurant

Country:, Europe, FR

City: 0.3733 Vienne, France

  • Pistol - great research, accuracy and humor

    Craig Johnson continues to produce a high quality story with a little stretch of realism, great research, accuracy and humor. I hope he can continue this level of creativity and have no problem paying a premium for the joy I get from his books..

  • Darrin - great product

    they are cheap and easy to use. a lot of people have switched to ballencing programs on computers but i still like the physical copy. great product all around.

  • jimboS - Perfect

    Used this to glue a guitar bridge, when previous attempts with other glues had failed miserably. Works just like hide glue without any of the fuss or mess!

  • parrottfish - does not eliiminate need to shave

    I am writing this review to prevent people from the same mistake I made. I have had laser hair removal on my armpits and bikini area and bought this hoping to get similar results on my legs. I bought this product for myself as a holiday present in Dec 2011. I followed the intructions exactly. I though it maybe was helping, and I was willing to repeat the process forever until the hair was gone. But since I have a scientific background, I decided to do casual experiment instead.

  • A. Taylor - My child happily eats these vitamins everyday

    My child happily eats these vitamins everyday. I feel better knowing that he is getting a little extra Vitamin C and Echinacea to help fight off all those yucky bugs at school!

  • Alecia - Like the Brand, Not this Package

    I really like the shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner - I'd give this review a 5 if only on them. They smell wonderful and I literally got comments on how good I smelled at work, just from the smampoo!