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  • talkiemama - He has been doing better at taking it and the hair growth apperas tp ...

    I ordered this for my 20 year old son on the recommendation of my 30 year old nephew. To be honest my son has a hard time remembering to take any kind of supplements or medicines. In our first order I ordered 2 months worth of the supplements. It lasted several months due to his inconsistency in using them as prescribed. He feels that it has slowed down the hair loss. He probably would see a greater hair growth if he took it as it is suppose to be taken. He has been doing better at taking it and the hair growth apperas tp be improving. I feel that it is worth the money to try it consistently for several months.

  • K. Kruger - Love it!!

    Bought this for my daughter as part of her birthday presents. She takes a ton of snapchats and figures the lights would be great when the lighting is low. There are other knockoffs out there but I was skeptical. My daughter loves it and the case has held up well. It shipped and arrived in time. No complaints.

  • Amazon Customer - Awesome! Can't believe it works.

    I was accosted in Las Vegas at a Vivo Per Lei counter. The guy was really persistent, but I was determined not to buy a thing. That is until he used the Facial Peeling on my skin. I couldn't believe how much dead skin sloughed off with just a little gentle rubbing. Needless to say, I bought it. I used it on my face that night and my skin hasn't felt this smooth in years. When I got back home, I used it on my son and husband with the same amazing results. My husband, who had some tough black heads, no longer does. Taking the dead layer of skin off really opened his pores to remove them. I would certainly recommend this product.

  • Jeremy Monaco - Great mouse, 2nd only to the Holy Grail G502!

    OK so in the last 30 days, I have tested MANY mice, in an attempt to find the perfect mouse. I even went as far as to track accuracy %'s per mouse in UT2004. I tested the Final mouse, Logitech G502 proteus core, Razer Deathadder Chroma, Roccat Tyon, Zowie Fk1, and the Razer ouroboros. I have probably used another 20-30 mice in the last few years, but not in the last 30 days. One thing I have learned is optical is far superior to laser, so the majority of the mice above use optical sensors.